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  1. Nerdist Podcast: Anthony Bourdain « Nerdist

    I love this man I remember his first cooking show A Cook’s Tour he went to Japan in one of the episodes. I was a very big anime fan back when I watched it and that particular episode blew my mind. I was already obsessed with Japanese culture and Anthony seemed to enjoy his time there very much. Dudes way cool and I’ve been a fan of his ever since that episode and I have watched all his shows and interviews since then. He did an episode of No Reservations in the Philippines and that’s where I’m from! I really want to read his books, Mr. Bourdain has a way with people in his shows it’s very entertaining. He just makes traveling and cooking look so fun and good. I highly recommend watching the Lebanon episode of No Reservations very touching and moving episode. I cannot think of a single show of his that you shouldn’t watch but I do know it might not be everyone’s cup of tea. Anthony has his own certain sense of humor but the people he has on his shows all seem to like the guy. I am writing this before listening to the podcast fyi. What more can I say so I’ll end with this, if your a fan of cooking/food and travel watch No Reservations


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