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  1. Game Show | Inconceivable!: Vampire Or Not (Episode 15)

    Welcome back to “Inconceivable!”, the show that tests two teams’ knowledge of the nerdy, the useless, and the obscure.

    Obscure 1990s vampires! Batman villains! … High school chemistry? Those are just a few of the things that we quiz our panelists on this month. Lisa Schmeiser, Guy English, and Erika Ensign take on Chip Sudderth, Aleen Simms, and Steve Lutz, while host Dan Moren and scorekeeper pro tempore Jason Snell oversee the proceedings.


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  2. Bonus Track | Purge Insurance (Episode 202c)

    Philip Michaels and Lisa Schmeiser have spent hours speculating on the details of the movie “The Purge.” On the special occasion of the release of the sequel film, “The Purge: Anarchy,” we bring you a discussion about the logic of “The Purge” from two people who have not seen it, but will not let that stop them from ruining it for everyone else.


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