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  1. DCP - Episode #84 - The Gun Show (ft. Bungie Devs Hamrick And Newsk)

    This week the crew sits down with Bungie Sandbox Design Lead Josh Hamrick & Senior Gameplay Designer Jon Weisnewski.

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  2. Gaming With the Moms #41: I Don’t Know What a Butterfly Is

    Nicole, Simone, and Linda are joined by a new regular participant, Stephen Duetzmann, a dad of three and editor-in-chief of the awesome website Engaged Family Gaming. As always, we talk about the news. Then we talk about crowdfunding for games and what we’re playing.

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    Vtech has bought Leapfrog. Nicole’s not that happy about it.

    LeapTV looks pretty space age.

    LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens is going to have new content no other Star Wars property has.

    The Ubisoft Humble Bundle has a bunch of cool games for not a lot of money.

    Toca Boca has started a Stand for Play campaign to raise awareness about how kids need free play time.

    The AbleGamers organization has launched a new program to give people with disabilities the equipment they need to play video games.

    Crowdfunding of Games

    Crowdfunding on Kickstarter and other platforms has become a common way to fund indie game development. But is it a good thing or a problem? Maybe both, but we’re not planning to give up on it any time soon.

    What We Played

    Stephen played Unravel and Marvel Avenger’s Academy.

    Nicole played Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival and Mario Kart 8 with Anna, and Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories, and Hearthstone.

    Linda played Rise of the Tomb Raider and a tabletop game called Fate with her family, with her brilliant nephew Isaac Meyer acting as Game Master. Check out Isaac’s History of Japan podcast here.

    Simone made a new video! Be sure to check it out on our YouTube channel:


    Our music is by Pat Goodwin at Novelty Shop Creative. Participating in this podcast were Nicole Tanner, Linda Breneman, Simone de Rochefort, and Stephen Duetzmann.

    Thanks for listening and, if you liked this episode, please rate us on iTunes and find us on BlogTalkRadio!

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  3. 42:22 Devouring Essence (John Siracusa Explains Destiny)

    John Siracusa, the master explainer of things, describes his affection for the epic video game Destiny. Hearing him out is Merlin Mann, a relative newbie to the world of hardcode gaming. Siracusa’s explanation is particularly admirable, given that most gamers would take so much of the basis for this discussion for granted. For context, Destiny is a recently released game from the team that created Halo (a huge franchise from the 2000s) — and is stated to be the beginning of a


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  4. Idle Thumbs > Shows > Idle Thumbs > Episodes > “Console Wars and Hedge Dog” or “The New Far Cry 2”


    3, 2015 Get carried away on our balloon of delight as we dive into Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, a game that stirs up memories of something we loved dearly, long ago. Then, we’ll let you in on the "Sad Space Dads" craze that has taken the gaming world by storm. If that isn’t enough, stick with us for the time Chris and Nick chatted with Jeff Goldblum about Thomas Pynchon novels.

    Games Discussed: Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, Far Cry 2, Corpse of Discovery, Stasis, Super Mario Maker, Lara Croft: Go, Fallout Shelter, Sonic - The Hedge Dog

    Discuss this episode in the Idle Forums


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  5. 48: Notch Houses For Everyone!

    Genuine fan of the show and our ESN fearless leader, Moisés Chiullan, stops

    by and talks about his gaming credentials (or lack thereof :-)) and we try

    not to shame him too hard about not being a real filthy casual.

    We also run down the newsworthy events of the past week and then proceed to

    rant about the latest assholery perpetuated against casual gamers. Female

     casual gamers to be exact. Are you ready to be outraged? 


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  6. Episode 1 - Failure in a Box

    Hey look, it’s the inaugural episode of Unconsoleable!Learn more about your co-hosts, Anna and Jessica, our decidedly unimpressive gaming histories, why the heck we are doing this podcast, and why we game the way we do.Stuff we talked about:App.net IsometricBrianna WuRevolution 60Evan Passero, designer extraordinaire Totally UncoolSpawn on MeCivilizationArticle on kids not being able to pass Level 1 on Super Mario Brothers - Hmm, this doesn’t look like a link. Turns out, this story was a hoax and all the sites that wrote about it have taken it down. That being the case, it’s still quite possible we suck at games more than little kids!Whac a Mole - Duh, of course there is an iOS game.Thomas Was Alone


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