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  1. In the latest episode of Fave This,

    In the latest episode of Fave This, Gita Jackson and Maddy Myers talk about the never-ending debate around games like Bayonetta. What do people miss when they obsess over whether or not something is ‘sexist’? Beyond their lurid character designs, what do games like Nier: Automata and Soul Calibur actually say or accomplish? Listen here.


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  2. The Cloverfield Paradox Is Trash, But We Love It Anyway

    On Super Bowl day, I wasn’t all that interested in the outcome of the football game. I was excited for something else—the rumor that a new Cloverfield movie was going to drop that same night. 10 Cloverfield Lane was fantastic, I thought, so maybe this will be too. I’m totally going to stay up and watch this! An hour later, I realized I had been tricked in by JJ Abrams’ latest marketing gimmick.


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  3. Zelda’s Story In Breath of the Wild Is Powerful, But Also A Bummer

    Breath of the Wild makes you care about Zelda by making her pain

    palpable. By that measure, Zelda’s journey is a good story that accomplishes what it sets out to do. At the same time, the tale at the heart of the game compounds an ongoing frustration felt by some fans: Zelda isn’t allowed to be the kind of hero Link is. (SPOILERS AHEAD!)


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  4. Why People Cheat In Games, According To The People Who Stop Them

    The folks behind EasyAntiCheat, a service that stops people from cheating in video games, deal with one of the messiest issues in the medium. People often feel that anyone caught breaking the rules should be punished severely, but you don’t always know why someone cheated. That’s where things get dicey.


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  5. Missing The Days of Friending Strangers On Xbox Live

    When I was younger, I used to play online games with strangers. By the end of the match, I’d add them to my friends list, and we’d become close friends—even if they were absolute jerks to me. That almost never happens anymore.


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