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  1. 30 and Counting - 30 and Counting, Episode 13: Grilling

    In this episode, I grill some burgers while talking about grilling and how my perspective on it has changed over time.

    Links and Show Notes

    Grill Time app

    Photo of Grilling burgers after recording this podcast

    Grilled Clambake Photo

    Steaks in the Grill Photo

    You can find all past and future episodes at http://30andcounting.me.

    You can find all my content at my digital home, https://eddiehinkle.com.

    The theme music is Day 90 of Aaron Parecki’s 100 Days of Music project.


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  2. TeeVee | Game of Thrones S5E1 review: “The Wars to Come” (Episode 58)

    We’re back! Our “Game of Thrones” coverage returns for a second season, as Jason and Monty break down the season five premiere. Daenerys has dragon problems. Jon’s virginity is creepily questioned! Marjorie plays the game of thrones for keeps! Cersei’s kissin’ cousin wears a burlap sack for a shirt! Tyrion eats, drinks, and poops in a box! And who knew that the two men of principle in all the land would be Varys the spider and Mance Rayder?

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