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  1. Episode #59 | Justice Points

    Episode #59

    Episode #59

    Aug 26

    Our fifty-ninth episode features Tzufit and Apple Cider speaking with Dee about text-based RPGs. We talk with him about the news of the week, including gaming not giving players real agency, as well as a little about this week’s gaming journalism dust-up. We also explore Dee’s history with text-based roleplaying and how it shaped his concept of gender.

    On Right-Wing Video Game Extremeism

    On Objectivity and Modernism

    Video Games Trick You Into Thinking You Have Control

    Adult females oust teenage boys as largest gaming demographic

    Games for Girls? How About Games for Everyone

    Saluting The Women Behind the Screen

    If you see any news that you want us to cover, let us know via e-mail or Twitter.

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    Music used in our episode is courtesy of The Orchestral Movement of 1932, via Opsound.org.

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