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  1. Episode 55: How to Get Your First Data Viz Freelance Project — Featuring Dr. Stephanie Evergreen — Data Viz Today

    Welcome to episode 55 of Data Viz Today.

    Are you interested in freelancing or consulting in data visualization? Being your own boss as a full-time freelancer has its own set of unique challenges, and of course, many benefits! But from the outside looking in, it’s hard to know where to even start…


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  2. Not So Standard Deviations: 81 - Getting to Yes with Data Analysis

    Hilary and Roger discuss the book Getting to Yes and how it applies to data analysis. Also, more sports, breaking changes to R, and sampling. Show notes: Support us through our Patreon page

    Sprawlball Roger on Twitter: https://twitter.com/rdpeng Hilary on Twitter: https://twitter.com/hspter Get the Not So Standard Deviations book: https://leanpub.com/conversationsondatascience/ Subscribe to the podcast on Apple Podcasts:

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  3. Structure

    On this week’s Structure Show we hash out why Microsoft, a software company needs to weigh in on server design and Mailchimp’s data scientist on why we should watch what DisneyWorld is doing with your data.


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