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  1. Destiny Rise of Iron: Super Hard Loot Drops? Favorite Videos? Nightfall Q&A

    The Nightfall Q&A is back because you guys were asking me stuff. Not as much stuff as in the past though.

    Sword reflecting: 0:23 Super hard loot: 1:27 Shadowshot vs. Nighthawk: 3:39 Aksis Challenge: 4:17 Loot Videos: 5:19 Loot Videos Part 2: 5:54 My Favorite Video: 8:14 Selling Exotic Shards: 10:08 Do Anythinhg From Life Again: 10:53 PvP Meta Video: 11:47

    Note on Sword Reflect: I realize now, at 2:30am, that most of my experience with sword reflect in PvE was with trying to kill Templar with sword reflect. So, I might just be really dumb with that answer.

    Videos in the "My Favorite Video" segment:

    Raiding 101:

    12 Man King’s Fall:

    Naxxramas in Destiny:

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  2. Vaush Calls Out Destiny For PhilosophyTube Tweets | DEBATE

    DEBATE: Destiny reacts to Vaush calling out his language in his twitter thread on PhilosophyTube and Briahna Joy Gray, they debate principals, aesthetics, plus more…

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    0:00 - Teaser/Intro 1:34 - Vaush calls out Destiny’s language (SKIP INTRO) 35:57 - Vaush joins call, they chat and debate

    Lefty Arc

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  3. Destiny talks to Harvard Psychiatrist Dr. Alok Kanojia

    Date streamed: 12/15/2019


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  4. 38. The Bullet Spongiest Bullet Sponge - Up Up Down Down Podcast

    Michael “Rands” Lopp joins us to talk Destiny. We briefly discuss its budget and profitability before digging in to the question of why, despite its problems, it’s a fun game. We dissect the Crucible PvP mode, matchmaking, the story or lack thereof, leveling, and bullet sponges. Afterwards, we fail at going off topic and talk about the expansion, raiding, voice acting, and the surprisingly clever UI.

    Rands’ take on Destiny

    Bungie on weapon tuning and TTK

    Bungie on game modes over on Planet Destiny

    The long, long, grind of Burning Crusade’s Netherdrake mount

    Rands’, Nigel’s and Allen’s Destiny profiles

    Rands in Repose

    @rands on Twitter

    The 100 Destiny matchmaker

    Polygon’s negative Destiny: The Dark Below review

    Download (1:19:52)

    • Mar 06, 2015

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  5. Episode #032: A Podcast Turns One Year Old! – Happy Hour from the Tower: A Destiny Podcast

    Hard to believe, but we have been at this for one year. One year of columns, news, interviews, video, and random goofiness from a Fireteam of Guardians that loves this game for all its faults. Enjoy this super-sized episode where we look back on a year with Destiny and Destiny 2. Remember, Guardians, to leave…

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  6. “I Can’t Slow Down, You Just Said 30 False Things!” - Conservative Debate Triggers Destiny

    DEBATE: Destiny debates systemic racism with Lisa Elizabeth on the modern-day debates…

    Date: 25 Jul, 2021


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    We Are Giants - Epidemic Sounds (INTRO SONG)

    0:00 - Teasers/Intro 1:06 - Destiny’s opening 2:12 - Lisa’s opening 3:25 - Agreeing on a common definition, outcomes 5:58 - Massively impacting on race over the other 7:29 - Systemic racism vs normal racism, culture, family 9:26 - Wealthier on average? Ppl that can afford to immigrant or average family 18:15 - US has very high recdivism rates, cannibas laws 21:37 - It needs a negative intention? Institutions, bad outcomes, bias 30:45 - Raw data vs studies… 42:57 - There are more impoverished white people in America HOWEVER… 48:22 - Now she wants to use per capita 51:40 - How would you get r…

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  7. Crucible Radio: Crucible Radio Ep. 170 - All About That Ace, No Special

    Birds, Bones and Swain are back with another episode of the podcast for all things Destiny PvP. Subscribe on iTunes / Subscribe on RSS / Discuss on the Playbook This week the guys cover some new drops they’ve received, what loadouts are working well, and discuss a few of the issues with Season 4’s first Iron Banner event. There’s still SO much to talk about with Forsaken - this ep covers everything! Music this week by Public Underground Visit our Site / Follow us on Twitter / Listen on Stitcher Edited by Andrew Gomez

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