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  1. Turning This Car Around - 62: Blood Coaster

    May 27th 15

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    62: Blood Coaster

    This week we talk about going away. Also coming back.

    Jon talks about his trip to the Faroe Islands.

    Jon recommends the San Francisco Exploratorium when in “Frisco”.

    It seems like every time we talk about travel we end up talking about theme parks and this time is no different. We all love The Tower of Terror because it’s awesome.

    Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride is OK but less awesome.

    Lex is taking his kids to Diggerland USA. You read that right.

    Moltz once took his son to the Philadelphia Mint and he loved it.

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  2. Turning This Car Around - 42: Nearly Instantaneous Torque

    Dec 5th 14

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    42: Nearly Instantaneous Torque

    This week’s episode runs the gamut. Buckle up.

    Jon’s in the New York area which blew up this week over a grand jury failing to indict police officers over the death of Eric Garner. We share the New York Time’s opinion. If you’re not one, you can read what it’s like to be a black man in the U.S. and watch Do The Right Thing.

    After that we spend some time on white privilege, particularly the car Moltz just bought, the Acura ILX. And Lex weighs in with more on his Nissan Leaf.

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  3. Turning This Car Around - 49: And his name shall be Cody

    Feb 13th 15

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    49: And his name shall be Cody

    Dogs, dogs, dogs.

    Lex is getting a new dog. This dog, to be specific.

    Jon recommends The Art of Raising a Puppy. Lex and Moltz aren’t so sure.

    Moltz recommends a squirt bottle for raising a dog.

    Uber for puppies is a thing.

    Jon offers a cautionary tale about Beverly Hills Chihuahua.

    If you don’t want a dog, you might get away with getting your kid a Fur Real.

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  4. Turning This Car Around - 38: Judgment & Blow

    Nov 6th 14

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    38: Judgment & Blow

    This week we get judgy. Other parents… we’re judging you. Not just this week but every week. We’re just talking about it this week.

    Really, there’s a long list of things we disapprove of, ranging from giving your kids unlimited access to soda and behaving like a boor in front of your kids is one of them.

    Pot is now legal in Washington but smoking it with your kids is never a good idea. Even smoking in front of your kids bring out the judgement in us. We’re just laying down judgements left and right. Don’t feel bad. We judge ourselves, too.

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  5. Turning This Car Around - 43: Holiday Johns

    Dec 12th 14

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    43: Holiday Johns

    Lex was traveling this week so we have a guest, one John Gruber. He’s apparently some guy in the Internet.

    Not coincidentally, this is our longest episode ever.

    What was the deal with bearer bonds back in the 1980s movies? They were basically what every villain was after. In the upcoming SPECTRE, it’s probably something else.

    Don’t take the kids to see American Sniper for the holidays. We talk again about our Frozen experiences.

    A holiday trip to FAO Schwarz seems dicey but if you’re in Manhattan how can you not? Also, Dylan’s Candy Bar. Oh, man.

    Playmobil has some great robbery sets that Gruber and Moltz speak highly of. Their kids might, too. Not sure.

    Moltz’s kid is getting a PC laptop for Christmas and Moltz is already having trouble with it.

    Moltz wants to know if Jon’s and Gruber’s kids are getting his Minecraft book for Christmas.

    Gruber’s kid might be getting a Playstation 4 with LEGO Batman 3 and FIFA Soccer.

    Jon’s kids might be getting Minecraft for Playstation. One wants an Easy-Bake oven.

    If you don’t follow the Grubers on Twitter, they had an interesting time setting up their Christmas tree this year.

    Moltz’s tree contribution is putting up his Star Trek ornaments. He doesn’t have this one but it’s on his wish list.

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  6. Turning This Car Around - 53: The Random Show

    53: The Random Show

    We start by talking about the Apple Watch and new MacBooks because we’re dads who are also nerds.

    Good news Minecraft fans! Mojang will soon be shipping its own Java with Minecraft so you don’t need Oracle’s tarted up version.

    If you want your kids to learn programming and other stuff through Minecraft, check out MinecraftEDU which provides support services from schools to use Minecraft and LearnToMod which is an introduction to programming mods for kids.

    Lex then explains Kidz Bop which is either a great way to introduce kids to music they otherwise shouldn’t listen to or a damn nightmare, depending on your point of view. Richard Cheese’s covers are better but not kid-friendly. The Jonathan Coulton cover of Baby Got Back is not for kids, either. Can’t Touch This is probably OK.

    To continue the stream of consciousness of this episode, we mention the next season of Community and Daredevil on Netflix and a bunch of other stuff. But check out this Daredevil trailer. Looks good.

    Hank is reading The Martian even though it has a lot of swear words in it and will probably go see the movie.

    Somehow we get back to the Apple Watch but this time talk about Every Mother Counts and Jon’s connection to it and Christy Turlington Burns who has an Apple Watch and you don’t.

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