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  1. A Crime Of Passion: When The Love Of Yogurt Burned Too Bright : The Salt : NPR

    Edgar Diaz poured his heart into building a yogurt company whose product won accolades. So why did he burn down his factory? The answer is a kind of love story: an ill-fated love affair with yogurt.

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  2. In Italy’s markets, this popular yogurt made by migrants tastes great, and has a side of resilience and hope | Public Radio International

    For years, Suleman Diara picked mandarins in southern Italy for $0.05 a case. But one day, Diara, a refugee from Mali, received documents granting him asylum in his new country. So he bought a few buckets of milk that changed his life. Meet the founder of Barikama, the first African yogurt cooperative in Italy, popular with the farmer’s market scene in Rome.

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  3. HeadGum // Punch Up The Jam: 040 - Kokomo (w/ Jon Gabrus)

    Is Kokomo a physical location, or a timeless, spiritual plane of existence in the perpetual Happy Hour of the mind? Jon Gabrus (@gabrus – High & Mighty, Raised By TV, Action Boyz) stops by to talk about his schoolchild memories of Kokomo, Sebastian the crab, geolocated orgasms, John Stamos yogurt and eventually, the Beach Boys’s 1988 tropical cruise ship anthem, Kokomo! This episode is brought to you by Hims and Quip! • UNPUNCHABLE JAMS: "Dela" - Johnny Clegg and Savuka, "Rome" - Phoenix

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