Game Show | Pundit Showdown: Rivalry of the Fruits (Episode 26)

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  1. ‘Jessica Jones’ Returns, Her Rage Especially Resonant In The #MeToo Era : NPR

    Netflix’s drama about a woman who rebels against conformity and power structures returns for a second season on Thursday. Critic David Bianculli says Jessica Jones "transcends the superhero genre."

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  2. Game Show | Pundit Showdown: Breakfast Octopus (Episode 20)

    With an Apple media event on the horizon, it’s time for a return to the Pundit Showdown! Four pundits vie to become our latest champion! Let’s go to the tote board!

    Pundit Showdown


    7, 2015

    42 minutes

    Philip Michaels

    with Andy Ihnatko, Susie Ochs, David J. Loehr and Peter Cohen

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  3. Marvel’s Jessica Jones And Netflix’s Big Year

    An in-depth analysis of Netflix’s huge expansion in 2015. Is anyone else creating as much original programming, with as much consistency? Plus, a comprehensive review of “Jessica Jones,” which just might feature the scariest comic book villain of all time.

    SPOILERS: You should probably skip this one if you haven’t watched “Marvel’s Jessica Jones” yet.

    This episode is sponsored by "The Message," from Panoply and GE Podcast Theater.

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