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    October 29, 2015

    Mister Neighbor has something great in store for you this week, once he’s changed into some comfortable shoes. All he has to do is walk out of frame and suddenly you’re somewhere new. You hope Mister Neighbor takes you to the factory to show you how the machines put together your favorite things, but it could be anywhere. Maybe you’re on a spaceship, traveling from port to port trying to broadside a merchant ship. Maybe you’re still falling down that infinite pit of blackness you find you return to in quiet moments. Maybe you’re on hold forever with technical support. When you tell your mom about Mister Neighbor, she looks concerned, and tells you that’s not his name.

    Games Discussed: Rebel Galaxy, Torchlight, The Sequence, Operator, Downwell, Nuclear Throne, Resident Evil

    Notable Js Discussed: J Allard, J. Rodkin, J. Breckon, J. Peterman, J.R.R. Tolkein, J.K. Rowling, J.G. Edwards, Joseph "J.G.L." Gordon-Levitt

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  2. Was Mister Rogers the Best Neighbor Ever? | Part-Time Genius

    From the real reason Mister Rogers used to wear sneakers on the show to why Ella Fitzgerald’s band members used to tune in to the last 5 minutes of every show, Will and Mango pay tribute to one of our favorite humans, Mr. Fred Rogers. Featuring journalist Tom Junod.

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  3. This American Life, Episode 184, Neighbors

    Host Ira Glass talks to the Arnold Abbott, the founder of "Love Thy Neighbor," a Florida charity that’s being sued by "Love Your Neighbor," a Michigan ministry and business. "Love Your Neighbor" owns the trademark on the phrases "Love Your Neighbor" and "Love Thy Neighbor;" the attorney for the Michigan business Julie Greenberg, contemplates whether suing a neighbor can fall within the category of loving them as yourself. (5 minutes)

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  4. #176: The Vanishing Neighbor

    In the past 20 years, there’s been all kinds of research about declining community life in America. Participation in PTAs, civic clubs, even bowling leagues is on the decline, and Americans don’t really know who their neighbors are anymore. My guest today argues that what we’re seeing is a transformation in how people organize themselves socially. Why people are doing this, and how it affects our society, is what author Marc Dunkelman ("The Vanishing Neighbor") and I talk about.

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