Idle Thumbs: Read our Lips

August 12, 2015

Welcome to our tour of nightmares. When on the tour please do not bully our security robot. In this, our first chamber, we keep our rejected user-generated Sonic the Hedgehog characters. Sorry, no, you can’t turn the limb physics off; they just move that way all the time. To the left, our Fallout Shelter gallery, worth visiting before we change it over to a new exhibit; the hall on your right houses our collection of a thousand staring ghost masks. The rest of the museum—the Breckon Wing—is dedicated to one poor man who dared log on to Grand Theft Auto V’s multiplayer component. Nightmare gallery probably not underwritten by J.G. Edwards.

Games Discussed: Sonic Dreams Collection, Rymdresa, Dota 2, Grand Theft Auto V, Wargame, Far Cry 2, Fallout Shelter, Sheltered, Rocket League