Episode 5: Sometimes You Wish Not to Have a Phone — Anxious Machine

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  1. 005 Nursing: A Serendipitous Adventure

    Sometimes life seems mundane. Our professional lives, as nurses, are no different. It can be difficult no go day in and day out doing what seems to be the same old, same old. This week’s One Love for Nurses Podcast challenges us to see our nursing careers and daily nursing tasks as “serendipitous adventures.” Christian nurses and others will be encouraged that we can expect to see God at work daily, even in the seemingly mundane nursing tasks.


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  2. AARP Sues To Stop Illegal Evictions From Nursing Homes : Shots - Health News : NPR

    Gloria and Bill Single lived together in a nursing home until she was evicted without warning. Complaints about illegal evictions from nursing homes are up 73 percent in California since 2011.


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  3. Critics Of Tanzania’s President Say He’s Moved Country Toward Authoritarianism : NPR

    John Magufuli is the reformer Tanzania needs — a no-nonsense guy who has reined in corruption and profligate spending. But Tanzania’s president also has a dark side. He has silenced his opposition and eroded basic freedoms of speech and of the press.


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  4. KYW Exclusive: Family seeks answers after grandmother’s death exposes cracks in the system | KYW

    PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — After 85-year-old Ruth Pasley died in a Philadelphia nursing home last New Year’s Eve, she was quietly laid to rest in Montgomery County, so quietly that her family had no idea for more than six months.


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  5. Tanzania is trying to turn the charcoal trade from an enemy to a friend of the forest | Public Radio International

    The illegal charcoal trade is a big contributor to deforestation in countries like Tanzania. After trying and failing once to curb the business, the country is now trying a new approach. The World’s Sam Eaton has the story.


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  6. The Cowboy Philosopher | Hidden Brain : NPR

    In 2009, an old man died in a California nursing home.

    His obituary included not just his given name, but a long list of the pseudonyms he’d been known to use.

    In this episode, we trace the life of Riley Shepard, a hillbilly musician, writer,

    small-time con man and, perhaps, a genius.


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