Episode #156 – 3 Days to Kill The Flop House

Arg! This movie. As soon as my friend and I saw “McG”, we knew what we were in for. I hated that this movie didn’t even follow it’s own rules with the heartrate/hallucination conflict, the CIA broad who was at almost every action scene and could have been doing the job herself. Why dis she need Costner so badly? The bad guys who are trying to be inconspicuous yet are blasting off in public AND a prom??? Plus the Wolf could have easily been the boyfriend’s father which would have added a much needed layer to the character. Who brings their business partner to their son’s prom???

I was MUCH more interested in the father/daughter story than the CIA action and the only fun moment was the Italian recipe scene.

Costner was ok, but screw this movie.

Besson has NO idea how to write women.


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