How Coffee Influenced The Course Of History : The Salt : NPR

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  1. Stuff You Should Know

    Coffee: The World’s Drug of Choice — There’s a 98 percent chance you’re drinking coffee right now. Maybe not, sure, but coffee is ubiquitous – about 80 percent of Americans consume coffee and Brazil alone has 3 billion coffee plants. Learn all about the great black brew in this episode.

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  2. Episode 26 - It’s Not Just Coffee for the Professional | I Brew My Own Coffee

    We’re honored to be joined on this episode by the owner of Ruby Coffee Roasters, Jared Linzmeier, as we continue our series of discussions about developing a balanced relationship with coffee whether you’re a beginner, enthusiast, or coffee professional. It’s not just coffee … it’s also about how you approach it and make space for it alongside the rest of your life. In this episode, we discuss the challenges professionals face and some practical ways to find balance.

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  3. What’s In That Coffee Cabinet? A Delicious Taste Of Rhode Island History : The Salt : NPR

    The ice cream beverage with the quirky name is a Rhode Island staple. It’s just coffee syrup, ice cream and milk. Despite its popularity, the origins of the drink – and its name – remain a mystery.

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  4. Episode 4: The Hidden Side of Coffee

    The coffee world has changed since Starbucks rose to prominence. Not only has the sourcing of beans acquired wine-like precision, but now there are many small, local roasters. How’d this all happen? Episode 4 brings you into the infrastructure underpinning third-wave coffee from a Kenyan coffee auction to a major coffee importer to a secret coffee warehouse in San Leandro with beans from every coffee-growing nation in the world. We’re guided by Aaron Van der Groen, the green coffee buyer for San Francisco’s legendary roaster Ritual Coffee.

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