The xfiles files ep 1

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    Kumail Nanjiani (Silicon Valley, The Indoor Kids) and a guest explore their favorite cases of The X-Files. The truth is out there!

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  3. Nerdist Podcast: Gillian Anderson « Nerdist

    Gillian Anderson talks with Chris and Matt about what life was like when she first got The X-Files, her show The Fall on Netflix, and her book A Vision of Fire. Chris and Matt also try to convince her to pitch an X-Files reboot for 2015!

    This is what our fearless leader Chris Hardwick said when Gillian Anderson asked what the reaction would be if she and partner-in-crime David Duchovny returned to make more episodes of The X-Files now, more than 20 years after the show premiered.

    Don’t worry, friends. While it’s just a rumor at the moment, if Anderson, Hardwick and Mira have anything to say about it, #XFiles2015 will take the internet by complete storm, and we will have our X-Files renaissance before you can marathon all the good, old mythology episodes.

    Anderson sat down with Chris and Matt Mira for a new episode of the Nerdist Podcast this week, and while we won’t give away all of the choicest bits – because we know you want to hear Scully swear repeatedly and laugh over how great David Duchovny looks in blue jeans – we will say that knowing Anderson is as big of a fan of the show as we all are is simply stellar.

    A little over halfway through their talk, the conversation turned to X-Files and the experience that Anderson had working on the groundbreaking show. Mulder/Scully was one of the first intelligent pairings to grace our television screens in the ’90s. Aside from the fashion flashbacks you will have in rewatching the series on Netflix, revisiting the episodes in streaming form will just  make you want new installments all the more. And between Chris, Matt, and their guest, what started as a hypothetical back and forth about interest in restarting the series quickly became a real call to action to send out to the internet.

    “Should Fox do anything in their power to make it happen?,” Anderson asked at one point. The response is overwhelming. And that hashtag we put up there at the top of this piece? It’s real. Tweet it from here to eternity, and make your voice heard!

    Yes, the trio came up with the perfect hashtag to begin an internet campaign to bring the dynamic duo back to the small screen. “This is my call-out to… everything in the nerdosphere,” Hardwick said. Simply tweet all your #XFiles2015 feelings to Fox for your chance to be heard. We want to believe.

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