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  1. Make Do #41: Oh Noez, I’m Monetizing My Hobby! - Relay FM

    We need to work out some feelings.

    Insecurity, overenthusiasm and overexertion, joy, worry. They’re all there.


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  2. Espresso and Whisky: The Place of Time in Food - Gastropod

    Espresso, chocolate, wasabi—this episode we explore the role of time in food and flavor, and visit a whisky time machine at Lost Spirits distillery in Los Angeles.


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  3. Episode 207: Let’s go backpacking through space with the Outer Wilds team

    I absolutely cannot believe Outer Wilds exists. It is a game that is so…me, and everything I love about video games. Discovery, curiosity, cosmic beauty, and cosmic dread. As soon as I sat down to play it, I knew I had to interview the team on how they brought this interstellar Indiana Jones mystery to life. I’m joined by creative director Alex Beachum and art director Wesley Martin of Mobius Digital, two gentlemen who grew up loving the outdoors and video games. After a student version of Outer Wilds won the 2015 Seamus McNally Grand Prize at the Independent Games Festival, a long journey began to broaden and refine the scope of this incredible experience. The three of us discuss the beauty of discovery in games, player curiosity, and nature’s influence on the game’s design.

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    Original video: https://soundcloud.com/the1099/episode-207-lets-go-backpacking-through-space-with-the-outer-wilds-team
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  4. Presentable #68: How Design Ruined the Internet - Relay FM

    Special guest and old friend Mike Monteiro returns to discuss his new book, “Ruined by Design.” We talk about whether the design industry needs a set of ethical standards and the ways in which they might be enforced.


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  5. Not So Standard Deviations: 81 - Getting to Yes with Data Analysis

    Hilary and Roger discuss the book Getting to Yes and how it applies to data analysis. Also, more sports, breaking changes to R, and sampling. Show notes: Support us through our Patreon page

    Sprawlball Roger on Twitter: https://twitter.com/rdpeng Hilary on Twitter: https://twitter.com/hspter Get the Not So Standard Deviations book: https://leanpub.com/conversationsondatascience/ Subscribe to the podcast on Apple Podcasts:

    https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/not-so-standard-deviations/id1040614570 Subscribe to the podcast on Google Play:

    https://play.google.com/music/listen?u=0#/ps/Izfnbx6tlruojkfrvhjfdj3nmna Find past episodes: http://nssdeviations.com Contact us at nssdeviations@gmail.com


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  6. Leave it to Deever - Gaymebar

    We are that thing that creeps randomly into your podcast feed. Its been a minute so we talk about some updates ideas with Sekiro, and a fresh release of Dragon’s Dogma gives us the perfect excuse to talk about Toup’s power lesbian duo.


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  7. The Government’s Bar Tab at Mar-a-Lago | Trump, Inc. | WNYC Studios

    Spending taxpayer money at Mar-a-Lago is a such a "headache," the State Department got a special credit card for visits to the president’s private club.


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  8. Any phone is foldable

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  9. 321: Dumbed Down, Locked Down, and Locked Out — Accidental Tech Podcast — Overcast


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  10. Originality #25: You Are Not Alone - Relay FM

    Relay FM | Originality #25: You Are Not Alone


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