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  1. Patreon Exclusive #2 - Pirate Coves

    I’m trying something a little different today. We’re starting a series of episodes exclusive to our patrons that will discuss ideas and topics relevant to the world of piracy that may not fit in a regular episode. They will usually roughly correspond to what we’re talking about on the regular show, and could be seen as additional information, but they can also be enjoyed on their own. I hope you enjoy. Let me know what you all think.

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  2. CBC | Ideas - Is Liberalism Doomed?

    By the end of the Cold War, liberalism had emerged triumphant around much of the developed world — until the recent rise of populism in Europe and the U.S. Suddenly, the political landscape is looking ominous. What is liberalism’s future? A debate among public intellectuals from London’s Battle of Ideas Festival.

    To many, Brexit seemed like a strange kind of glitch.

    But the rise of "illiberal" democracies in Hungary and Poland, and the popularity of an alt-right party in Sweden, are creating a lot of uncertainty around the future of liberalism.

    As writer James Traub recently asserted in The Atlantic, ‘the death of liberalism constitutes the publishing world’s biggest mass funeral since the death of God half a century ago’. And he wonders: ‘how can the quintessentially rationalist faith of liberalism flourish in an age that systematically demeans rationality?’

    U.S. libertarian journalist Nick Gillespie says first we must recognize that we are in crisis — political authority around the world has greatly eroded to the point where what binds us together is weaker than what is pulling us apart.

    In Hungary’s illiberal democracy, Prime Minister Viktor Orban states that when individual rights and national interests collide, it is national interests that must take precedence. That’s why his government has put up billboards and produced radio and TV campaigns with its anti-immigrant message — a message that’s now in school textbooks. Mr. Orban’s party has also engaged in rewriting the national constitution and reshaping the judiciary. According to The New York Times, President Trump’s former strategist, Steve Bannon, describes Orban as: "a hero, the most significant guy on the scene right now."

    Dr. Lukasz Pawlowski, managing editor of Poland’s leading liberal magazine, reminds us that leaders like Orban say they have been elected, and that being elected nominally makes them democrats. However, Mr. Pawlowski concludes, you can sit in this electric chair called democracy, and be quite comfortable in it — until somebody flicks the switch.

    In this third episode from The Battle of Ideas Festival, Dr. Lukasz Pawlowski, Rowena Davis, Nick Gillespie, and Dr. James Panton discuss a central issue of our time: What is Liberalism? The event was held at the Barbican Theatre in London, England.


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  3. America Can’t Win a Trade War - Ep. 334

    I want to devote this entire podcast on the subject of trade and comparative advantage and protectionism, and this trade war that President Trump is so confident about.  He wants to declare war because he thinks we are going to win.

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  4. LSUG 831 - David Bowie - Segment 5

    Set 5 Love Buzz (Nirvana) Hold On To Me (Courtney Love) Living In The USA (Michael Des Barres) Motorcycle Irene (Moby Grape)

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  5. LSUG 831 - David Bowie - Segment 4

    Set 4 Get Radical (Dollyrots) Rebel Rebel (David Bowie) Like Him (Dirty Truckers) Lust For Life (Iggy Pop) Heroes (David Bowie)

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  6. LSUG 831 - David Bowie - Segment 3

    Set 3 Can’t Help Thinking About Me (David Bowie & the Lower Third) Vicious (Lou Reed) I’m Gonna A Find A Cave (45 Spider) Sorrow (Pristeens) I Dig Everything (David Bowie)

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  7. LSUG 831 - David Bowie - Segment 2

    Set 2 You’ve Got A Habit Of Leaving (Davy Jones & the Lower Third) Shapes Of Things (Yardbirds) 4 Real (Prima Donna) Ooh! My Soul (Little Richard) Baby Loves That Way (Davy Jones & the Lower Third)

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  8. LSUG 831 - David Bowie - Segment 1

    Show 831 - David Bowie

    Air Date: Sunday, 04 March 2018

    Hello sports fans, Little Steven here with your pop quiz of the week. What do you get when you combine Little Richard, Peter O’Toole, and Flash Gordon, walking the earth as living, breathing Japanese Anime? That’s right, come join us in the Underground Garage this week for a celebration of David Bowie. Joining us will be the Who, the Jeff Beck Group, the Pristeens, Lou Reed, and Iggy Pop. It’s a non-stop Rock ‘n Roll dance party this weekend in the Underground Garage.

    Playlist: Set 1 Star (David Bowie) Liza Jane (Davy Jones & the Kingbees) I Can’t Explain (Who) We Are Magic (RSO) Friday On My Mind (Easybeats) Baby, That’s Me (Cake) I Pity The Fool (Davy Jones & the Mannish Boys)

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  9. LSUG 830 - William Maxwell Gaines - Segment 5

    Set 5 Armenia City In The Sky (Who) I Had Too Much To Dream (Electric Prunes) Why (Soraia) Love Or Confusion (Jimi Hendrix Experience)

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  10. LSUG 830 - William Maxwell Gaines - Segment 4

    Set 4 We Are Magic (RSO) Tonight (Raspberries) T-Shirt (Beaches) Teenage News (Sylvain Sylvain)

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