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  1. Web 20 Show - Episode 72 Startup Lessons Learned / The Lean Startup / Eric Ries

    Episode 72

    Startup Lessons Learned / The Lean Startup / Eric Ries

    Eric Ries of Startup Lessons Learned talks about the "Lean Startup" methodology and entrepreneurship

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  2. Bob talks to Jay Cincotta and Kendall Miller

    This week Bob talks to Jay Cincotta and Kendall Miller about their launch of Gibraltar Software. Jay and Kendall explain how they came to decide to do a


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  3. IT Conversations: Continuous Deployment

    Timothy Fitz believes that it is best to use the concept of Continuous Deployment in software development. He thinks that by deploying small changes constantly, problems will appear quicker and can be solved more easily. He joins Phil and Scott to discuss the topic and how he is using it in the real world.

    In addition, he also talks about the concept of Lean Startup and how it relates to Continuous Deployment. He cites a number of examples of the two ideas and discusses related work being done by others.


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  4. The Passion and Perseverance Behind a Start-up

    Joe Liemandt, founder, President and CEO of Trilogy, describes the passion and perseverance it took to take his enterprise software company from a five-person start-up to a global industry leader.


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  5. The lean startup



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  6. What is the minimum viable product?

    Eric Ries and I recently sat down to talk about minimum viable products: the product with just the necessary features to get money and feedback from early adopters.

    The minimum viable product (MVP) is often an ad on Google. Or a PowerPoint slide. Or a dialog box. Or a landing page. You can often build it in a day or a week.

    I recorded the interview and synchronized it with some simple slides below. That’s my favorite way to consume the audio. You can also find a transcript and stand-alone audio below. Let me know what you think — I’m especially interested if you like the synchronized audio and slides.

    From: http://venturehacks.com/articles/minimum-viable-product

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  7. The Six Figure Software Report


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