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  1. clagnut / Richard Rutter

    Found tunes given away by bands and labels. Indie, alt-country and the like. Also typography podcast…

  2. tommorris / Tom Morris

    I like cheese, podcasts, microformats and philosophy. And serif typefaces. This is like all of them …

  3. andybudd / Andy Budd

    I run a small design consultancy in Brighton with a few of my friends. I really enjoy my work as it …

  4. Wordridden / Jessica

    Translator, crafter, bass player, frequent traveler, avid reader, ardent cook.

  5. malarkey / Andy Clarke

    Art director and website designer in the UK at @stuff_nonsense, host of the @unfinishedbz podcast an…

  6. jane / Jane Dallaway

    Software developer, photographer and snowboarder

  7. adactio / Jeremy Keith

    An Irish web developer living in Brighton, England working with Clearleft. I built Huffduffer.