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  1. 136: Let’s Try out Some Broccoli — Embedded

    Inventor and Youtube-er, Simone Giertz (@SimoneGiertz) tells us about building robots to "help" her daily life.Simone’s YouTube Channel. Some of the videos discussed in the show:Chopping Machine VLOG and its TV commercial (Also: the servo motors used)Listener Feedback with TENS machineWake up machine Simone’s blog, with additional robot build details is at For relaxation, Simone visits the Hello Denizen YouTube channel and watches hamsters eating gourmet meals. She also mentioned her preferred Reddit feed.Like robots? Check out the job postings at iRobot. If you like what you see, email Chris Svec. (Yes, the guy who was on 78: Happy Cows.)Contest for Making Embedded Systems will end Feb 5, 2016.

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