136: Let’s Try out Some Broccoli — Embedded

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  1. TEC #016 – Audio feedback on GTD from John | The Elephant Channel

    TEC-016-20120225.mp3 Hello, For the first time on the Channel, an audio feedback from a listener! John sent me this feedback GTD in Evernote and it’s the perfect follow-up episode to number #015 where you heard Daniel Gold interview about his book on the same subject. . John mentions a link in his feedback which is…



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  2. The Changelog #228: Servo and Rust with Jack Moffitt | Changelog

    Jack Moffitt joined the show to talk about Servo, an experimental web browser layout engine. We talked about what the Servo project aims to achieve, six areas of performance, and what makes Rust a good fit for this effort.


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  3. TEC #018 – Eric’s feedback on his many uses of Evernote | The Elephant Channel

    TEC-018-20120324.mp3 10min 53s Hello, I am pleased to present you with a listener feedback, Eric (aka @esausse2), who shares with us his many uses of Evernote. Before Eric’s feedback I do a sort summary of the Paris Evernote meetup we had last week. It was a great meeting with around 10 passionate users of Evernote. We…



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  4. The Nerdist : Steve Carlin

    Steve Carlin (SoftBank Robotics) talks about the science of advertising and store lay outs, teaching robots emotions and Pepper The Robot. They then talk about the technical issues of building robots, the differences between AR and VR and how robots are evolving!


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  5. TSP 184 Survival Podcast Listener Feedback 4-21-09

    Today we discuss a variety of issues recently brought up by our listeners and in our forums including weapons other then guns, situational awareness & gun laws.


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  6. Comic Book Podcast | Captain Marvel #1 and Listener Feedback

    Comic Book Podcast latest episode discussing Captain Marvel #1, Hawkeye, Batman and listener questions.


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  7. TSP 120 Listener Feedback for January 12, 2009 | The Survival Podcast

    Today I answer questions about everything from survival gardening, to the economy, to TV documentaries, the TV series 24 and what to do if you loose your job.


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  8. Debug 11.1: Don Melton on Blink, Servo, and more | iMore.com

    Don Melton, former Engineering Director of Internet Technologies at Apple, returns for a special follow-up episode with Guy and Rene to discuss the newly announced Google Blink and Mozilla/Samsung Servo HTML rendering engines, and to tell us what us which new bear he’s trying to get dancing.


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  9. Episode #492 | 27 Jan 2015 | 91 min - Listener Feedback #205

    Listener Feedback #205

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  10. TSP 119 Survival Podcast Listener Feedback Jan 9 2009 | The Survival Podcast

    Today we take the time to answer a few questions that have been submitted by our listeners.


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