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  1. Ben Calhoun

    Ben Calhoun is a producer at This American Life.

    "The nature of covering politics is one where often people don’t want to say to you the things that they are feeling or thinking. … You can create the diorama of that action in a way that you couldn’t if you weren’t willing to make them a character — founded on things they’ve said and beliefs you know they have — than they’ve done for you on tape."

    Show notes:


    Calhoun’s This American Life archive

    [4:58] "When Worlds Collide" (This American Life • Aug 1997)

    [18:23] “Jesse Jackson Jr. Sparks Group Hug in Denver” (WBEZ • Aug 2008)

    [20:18] “Patriot Games” (This American Life • Oct 2010)

    [29:18] “War of Northern Aggression” (This American Life • Jun 2011)

    [32:45] “Dead Ringer” (This American Life • Sep 2010)

    [38:54] “Harper High School, Part One” (This American Life • Feb 2013)

    [38:54] “Harper High School, Part Two” (This American Life • Feb 2013)

    [45:30] “The Right Man for the Job” (This American Life • May 2013)


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  2. TAL 142: Barbara

    We hear the story of one African-American single mother. Barbara Clinkscales recorded her family’s life over the course of seven months for This American Life. Her life defies—or makes irrelevant—most of our typical notions of inner-city, black single mothers.

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  3. This American Life: 500

    500: 500! JUL 12, 2013 To celebrate our 500th episode, Ira asked the producers of This American Life to talk about their very favorite moments on the show. Some chose stories that’ve been more or less forgotten for years; others chose just one line of script, or a segment that secretly made them cry. So for our 500th, we bring you the best of This American Life — the way we’ve been hearing it, behind the scenes, all these years.

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  4. Longform : Episode 239: Brian Reed

    Brian Reed, a senior producer at This American Life, is the host of S-Town. “It’s a story about the remarkableness of what could be called an unremarkable life.” Thanks to MailChimp, Casper, and Squarespace for sponsoring this week’s episode. @brihreed Reed’s This American Life archive [30:00] "Cops See It Differently" (This American Life • Feb 2015) [30:00] "Wake Up Now" (This American Life • Dec 2014) [45:45] Stoner (John Wiliams • Viking • 1965) [49:30] Photo of the S-Town planning room [47:15] The Known World: A Novel (Edward P. Jones • HarperCollins • 2003)

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  5. This American Life #37: The Job That Takes Over Your Life

    Radio producer Scott Carrier quit his job at a low moment in his life. His wife left him and took the kids. And he got a job interviewing schizophrenics for some medical researchers. After doing it a while, he began to wonder if he was a schizophrenic himself. And more stories.

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  6. The Leonard Lopate Show * Email * Share * Print * Like This Ira Glass on “This American Life” on TV

    Ira Glass, host of Peabody Award-winning radio program “This American Life,” talks about the show and about creating the “This American Life” television series, which was originally shown only on Showtime but is now on Current TV and available on basic cable.

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  7. TAL 177: American Limbo

    Stories of people living completely outside the grid of American life. Americans in Paris. Chinese in America. West Virginians in treehouses. Mexican-Americans in Rochester.

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  8. It’s Showtime for Ira Glass, ‘This American Life’

    Ira Glass is the host of the popular public radio program This American Life. A TV version of his show will premiere on Showtime in March. What will it be like to make the transition?

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  9. Why This American Life falls short for writer Maria Tumarkin - Books and Arts Daily - ABC Radio National (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

    Radio shows like This American Life have helped launch an obsession with storytelling, but Maria Tumarkin questions our fixation.

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  10. Burroughs 101 - This American Life

    This American Life host Ira Glass was never into William Burroughs. Didn’t get why people love his writing so much. Then he heard this radio story that changed all that, partly because it wasn’t very reverential about Burroughs. For Burroughs 101st birthday, we hear that story. this-american-life audio podcast mustlisten music


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