Tracking the Lincolnshire Poacher

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  1. Writer Susan Orlean on the Art of Telling Amazing Stories

    Susan Orlean has written about an orchid poacher, a taxidermist, and a totally average 10-year-old boy. She’s written for Esquire, Outside, Vogue, and Rolling Stone. A staffer at The New Yorker for over 20 years, she is the author of several books including "The Orchid Thief," which was the basis of the film "Adaptation." She sat down to talk with Ian Brown in 2014 at The Banff Centre.

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  2. Hobart Radio International Shortwave: Pirate Station Special 2015

    Like me you would have fond memories of hearing pirate stations from yesteryear. This is an absolutely wonderful special that we hope will gain enough momentum to be audible across the world on shortwave by none other that shortwave pirate stations. We haven’t entered into North American shores yet so are on the lookout for a relay.

    In the one-hour pirate station special you will hear: -Cracker Radio -KIPM: Illuminati Prima Materia -WBNY - The Bunny Revolution -Radio Mustang -Premier Radio -Bangalore Poacher -Laser Hot Hits -Radio Barracuda -Take It Easy Radio -RNI: Radio Northsea International -Sensation AM -AlfaLima International -Zex Chettel Alien Broadcast -Radio Ice Cream -Radio Kaleidoscope -Voice of Captain Ron We are the voice for Tasmania, and will always be developing and different. Crossing the borders since 2004, telling the unknown and investigating on what’s important.

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  3. Brexit breakdown part 3: can we put Britain back together again? | Anywhere but Westminster

    In the third part of their summer-long quest to get to the heart of the UK’s condition, John Harris and John Domokos head to Boston in Lincolnshire. They find Brexit voters who still think no one is listening to them and Polish people feeling ever more unwelcome. But in London, protesters against Donald Trump offer a ray of hope and the prospect of something that might finally heal the country’s wounds Subscribe to The Guardian on YouTube ►

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