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  1. Episode 156 — Rent-Seeking | Exponent

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  3. Thoroughly Considered #45: Homage to Dieter - Relay FM

    Tom and Dan decide, in the midst of Mark One assembly and fulfillment, that this is the opportune time to release two new products.


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  4. Brian Donohue on Operating Instapaper Through an Acquisition

    Brian Donohue is President of Instapaper and a Product Engineering Manager at Pinterest.


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  5. The Stalman Podcast Episode 39: Real Computers, with Myke Hurley

    Working on the iPad Pro, Myke’s adventures in video, and why we choose Apple.


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  6. Private Eye | The Russians Are Coming

    Page 94 returns! A special episode all about Putin’s money-laundering pals, and the British bankers, lawyers and accountants who are letting it happen.


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  7. Arron Banks: the man who bankrolled Brexit – podcast | News | The Guardian

    Carole Cadwalladr has been covering the biggest pro-leave donor for nearly two years. As each revelation sparks a new investigation, Arron Banks rubbishes her journalism. But those investigations are beginning to bite. Also today: Eva Wiseman on our obsession with true crime


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  8. 187: The Mac, with Apple

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  9. #55: Is Socialism coming to America?

    Prospect magazine talks to Clare Malone from FiveThirtyEight.com about America’s new left. How far can people like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez go? And how will Democratic Socialists like her affect the coming midterm elections?

    Plus, Stephanie Boland on rediscovering a great writer and Alex Dean on when politicians just won’t take the blame.

    Hosted by Tom Clark, editor, Prospect.

    Prod. Jay Elwes

    Original video: https://soundcloud.com/prospect-magazine/55-is-socialism-coming-to-america
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  10. Canvas #72: Fraser Goes to the Dark Side - Relay FM

    In a surprising turn of events, Fraser buys an Android phone and Federico demands to know why.


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