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  1. 59: “A major step forward”, a SwiftUI special with Josh Shaffer | Swift by Sundell

    Josh Shaffer, engineering director with the UIKit and SwiftUI team at Apple, joins John to go on a deep dive into SwiftUI. What inspired the creation and design of SwiftUI, how does it impact the way apps are developed and architected, how is Apple using and improving SwiftUI internally, and much more.


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  2. Episode 162: iPadOS and Pointer Support with Craig Federighi – AppStories

    In this special episode of AppStories, Federico interviews Apple’s Senior Vice President of Software Engineering Craig Federighi about iPadOS, pointer support, and more.


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  3. The Test Drivers #5: What is a Laptop in 2020? - Relay FM

    What portable computers do we use every day, and what is the landscape looking like right now?


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  4. The hunt for a coronavirus vaccine | podcast | News | The Guardian

    Scientists in more than 40 labs around the world are working round the clock to develop a Covid-19 vaccine, but Samanth Subramanian tells Rachel Humphreys we are still some months away from knowing if one can be put into mass production


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  5. Adapt #22: Cursors and Keyboards in iPadOS 13.4 - Relay FM



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  6. Apple @ Work Podcast: FIDO Alliance and the future of passwords - 9to5Mac

    In this episode of the Apple @ Work podcast, Bradley is joined by Joel Rennich to discuss the FIDO Alliance and the future of password management.


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  7. Adapt #21: iPadOS File Management - Relay FM



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  8. Adapt #20: Trackpads for iPads - Relay FM

    Inspired by a report that the iPad Pro


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  9. Adapt #18: Fixing Multitasking - Relay FM

    Multitasking is key to using the iPad as a primary computer, but the current drag and drop-centric system is flawed. Ryan shares his idea for a new approach, then Federico details his email app discoveries.


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  10. Episode 141: Pick 2: Reeder for the Mac and iOS – AppStories

    This week, Federico and John cover one of their favorite RSS clients for the Mac and iOS: Reeder by Silvio Rizzi.


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