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  1. SXSW - More Secrets of JavaScript Libraries


    In a reprise from last year's popular panel - the JavaScript libraries authors are getting together again to impart their what they've learned from their experience in developing solid, world-class, JavaScript libraries. Covering everything from advanced aspects of the JavaScript language, to handling cross-browser issues, all the way up to packaging and distribution. A complete set of knowledge for a JavaScript developer.

    John Resig, Mozilla Corporation

    Andrew Dupont, Prototype JavaScript Framework

    Nate Koechley

    Becky Gibson, IBM

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  2. AJAX Accessibility: An ARIA Duet

    Accessible Rich Internet Applications (ARIAs) are not just possible but freely obtained through open source techniques. ARIA developer Becky Gibson will demonstrate ARIA coding techniques and existing toolkits to solve real world challenges posed by accessible technology advocate Sharron Rush.

    Sharron Rush Exec Dir,

    Becky Gibson Web Accessibility Architect, IBM

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  3. Edupunk: Open Source Education

    DIY teachers around the world are using open source course management systems, open access textbooks, and other open source tools to buck the chains and limitations of corporate education software. This panel of edupunks will rock the show by discussing the movement, its challenges, and its future.

    Dave Lester, Center for History & New Media

    Jim Groom, University of Mary Washington

    Gardner Campbell, Baylor University

    Stephen Downes, National Research Council Canada

    Barbara Ganley, Digital Explorations

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  4. Jeremy Keith on Ajax design considerations

    Jeremy Keith from Clearleft discusses his session at 2008's UI13 conference called Ajax Design Considerations that Tim attended. What do UX professionals need to know about Ajax to best make use of it in websites and web applications? And why is Jeremy's title at Clearleft currently "Lineman for the County"?


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