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  1. How Could Someone “Thoroughly Unqualified” Raise $2 Mil And Launch A Startup?

    When she came up with the idea for Oneforty, the Twitter app store, Laura Fitton thought she was "thoroughly unqualified for the idea." She didn’t know how to code up a site. She never raised money for a startup before. And she didn’t even live in Silicon Valley. But she launched it anyway because she felt that a good idea is a gift and she owed it to herself to pursue it.

    As she got going, she found ways to make up for the traditional qualifications that she lacked. I jotted down some of those ways during the interview (see below), but if you listen to it yourself, I bet you’ll pick up even more useful ideas from her experience. As I kept saying during the conversation, she did a lot of work before she even launched her company. My goal with in interview was to learn from that hard work.

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