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  1. The Phantom Merlin

    This episode of Scruffy Thinking features a conversation with Merlin Mann and Mike J Nichols. We talk about San Francisco, music, getting a job and… of course, Star Wars: The Phantom Edit.

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  2. Weird Al Yankovic on WTF

    Comedian Marc Maron is tackling the most complex philosophical question of our day - WTF? He'll get to the bottom of it with help from comedian friends, celebrity guests and the voices in his own head. You loved him on Morning Sedition. You kinda liked him on The Marc Maron Show. You tolerated him on Break Room Live. Now, embrace him on a show from which he cannot be fired - WTF with Marc Maron.

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  3. Fuck You, Pay Me - Mike Monteiro

    Our speaker at the March 2011 San Francisco, CreativeMornings ( was Mike Monteiro, Design Director, and co-founder of Mule Design Studio ( This event took place on March 25, 2011 and was sponsored by Happy Cog and Typekit (who also hosted the event at their office in the Mission).

    From Mikes blog on "Getting Comfortable with Contracts" – When Erika Hall and I started Mule 10 years ago, we were excited to be able to take on our own clients, make our own decisions, and most of all, to do what we loved to do. One task that didn’t break our top ten was negotiating contracts. And while it still isn’t our favorite part of the job, it is the part that makes everything else possible.

    If you’re a baseball fan you’re probably familiar with the adage that “natural hitters” make shitty teachers. They’ve never had to think about how to hit a baseball, they’ve just always been able to do it. (Ted Williams is, of course, the wonderful exception to this rule.) Scrappy hitters, who have to fight for every little base hit, analyze their stance, their grip of the bat, gloves or no gloves, the size of the bat, ad infinitum. They end up learning to hit. As a result, they make better teachers because they can spot the types of adjustments other players need to make.

    I am a designer. I work for a living, I solve problems within a set of constraints, I hire people, I rent space, I pay bills, and I have payroll to meet. These things are not in addition to the job, they are A PART OF the job. None of this came naturally to me. I had to learn it all.

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  4. 15 Slides, Three Writers, Three Ways — One Hour

    In this presentation, you will see the same set of 15 slides — three times. Three different writers will walk through the same set of slides and explain their approaches to getting started, editing ideas, figuring out how to get unstuck, and understanding when they're done. Part improv and part preparation, this presentation will give you three totally different and unexpected perspectives regarding the art of writing.


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