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Huffduffed (2011)

  1. ECON 252: Financial Markets (2008)

    Introduction: Changing Institutional Portfolio Management [00:00:00] Asset Allocation: The Power of Diversification [00:03:59] Balancing the Equity Bias into Sensible Diversification [00:16:44] The Emotional Pitfalls of Market Timing [00:20:48] Survivorship and Backfill Biases in Security Selection [00:32:58] Finding Value Investing Opportunities as an Active Manager [00:43:17] Yale’s Portfolio and Results [00:49:02] Questions on New Investments, Remaining Bullish, and Time Horizons [00:54:48]

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    [0:05] Welcome to this episode and introduction. [0:30] Introduction to copywriting and today’s guest – Karon Thackston [2:04] Chit chat with Karon, introduction to optimization of a product listing. [2:55] How Karon got into copywriting and moved into Amazon listings specialization. [4:58] How writing with Amazon is a puzzle and how Karon has navigated that maze. [6:29] What are the main, big mistakes Amazon sellers are making. [8:32] How Amazon operates very differently than Google. [9:40] The difference between “keywords” and “key phrases” and why it matters in Amazon. [11:23] Scott’s experience in making the biggest mistake – don’t repeat keywords. [12:30] A vital tip on how to use your product title as a keyword term. [13:49] Do bullets in your description impact keywords? [17:20] What makes one title better than another – originality and positioning. [20:56] The power of bundling to differentiate your product. [23:03] How should you structure the bullets in your product description. [27:18] Why placing benefits before features could maximize your listing. [29:40] The place of the product description, what matters and what doesn’t. [33:42] You can ask the “Seller Central” folks to allow you to use HTML code – and sometimes it will work. [37:22] Should you ever report violations in other seller’s listings? How to do it wisely. [39:00] Should you take risks when it comes to pushing the limits on Amazon terms of service? [41:28] Karon’s books and other resources – and how to contact her. [45:35] Scott’s wrap-up and take-aways from Karon’s advice.

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  3. Walmart vs. Amazon: Which will win the retail wars?

    Marketplace® is your liaison between economics and life. Noted for timely, relevant and accessible coverage of business news across both audio and digital platforms, Marketplace programs are heard by more than 14 million weekly listeners. This makes the Marketplace portfolio the most widely heard business or economic programming in the country.

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