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  1. The words you use when you can’t think of the right word - Breakfast - ABC Radio

    We’ve all had the experience where the right word is on the tip of our tongue, but we just can’t think of it. Worry no more - just substitute in one of the many glorious made-up words at your disposal.

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  2. Episode 2: How Can Language Help Us Understand and Move Us to Care?

    Linguistics gives us tools for analyzing language, and through careful testing, linguistics can also give us the tools to help make social issues make sense. Linguists Julie Sweetland, PhD, and Emilie L’Hote, PhD, are joined by cognitive scientist, Rose Hendricks, PhD, for a conversation about the power of metaphors and other elements of explanation. Later in the episode, Rose chats with University of California San Diego professor and preeminent cognitive scientist, Lera Boroditsky, for a deeper exploration of cognition and language.

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