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  1. The Darien Gap (Entry 315.EZ3328) | Omnibus

    In which a single highway is paved all the way from Alaska to Argentina—except for one pesky 66-mile gap right in the middle. Certificate #11458.

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  2. The First White President - The Atlantic - Ta-Nehisi Coates

    Donald Trump’s presidency is predicated nearly entirely on the negation of a black president. and the constituencies he has activated are not going away.

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  3. Alan Alda: To Talk Better, Listen

    Empathy is a crucial component in communicating about science…or anything else.

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  5. Evolution of Accents

    This episode was written and produced by Kevin Edds. When you describe yourself to others you might mention your height, hairstyle, or maybe your build. But one of the most telling things about you is something you can’t even see, yet it defines you more than you realize. Your accent tells others where you’re from, who you identify with, and maybe even where you’re going. How did accents evolve and why are American accents so different from British accents? Featuring Hollywood Dialect Coach Erik Singer and Linguistics Professor Dr. Walt Wolfram.

    Music featured in this episode: Norwich by Steven Gutheinz Figma by Steven GutheinzErste by Steven GutheinzMoments by Steven GutheinzLives Are Threads by Salomon LigthelmWhat We Used to Be by Matthew D. MorganWe As One by Phillip CucciasChateau by Steven GutheinzRedrawn by Steven GutheinzHeo by Kino

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  6. Design Thinking Could Help Those Who Want To Get Unstuck : NPR

    Psychologists and self help gurus have advice for people who feel stuck. If you’re looking for new ways to reboot your life as you enter the new year, you could also turn to the tech world.


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  7. Design Thinking for Social Inclusion | Stanford Social Innovation Review

    Jocelyn Wyatt, social innovation lead at IDEO, describes her organization’s efforts to use design thinking, a problem-solving system that is grounded in a client’s or costumer’s needs.

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  8. IN CONTRAST: Where Do Words Come From? | New England Public Radio

    New England Public Radio’s newest podcast, In Contrast debuts with a conversation on words and dictionaries with Peter Sokolowski, Editor-at-Large at

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  9. “Like” And “Um” Aren’t All Bad, War Memorials - Top Of Mind With Julie Rose (podcast)

    Like and Um Aren’t All Bad Guest Panel: Jena Barchas-Lichtenstein, PhD, Linguistic Anthropologist and Writer; Alexandra D’Arcy, PhD, Associate Professor of Linguistics and Director of the Sociolinguistics Research Lab, University of Victoria; Scott Church…

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  10. | Speaking Emojis – Parlerai #4

    In this episode, Kendall looks into the art of emojis and why they could be considered a language. By analyzing it’s history, popularity, and grammar structure, this episode seeks to reveal the debate around those little faces on your phone.

    Produced by: Kendall Fahey

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