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  1. Marc Maron’s secrets to a good interview - Home | q | CBC Radio

    Podcaster, actor, comedian and now author, Marc Maron opens up about his engaging interview style, one that he has applied to over 900 interviews on his WTF podcast which have now been compiled for a new book.

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  2. His secret to interviews? Showing his own vulnerability. | Public Radio International

    Onetime standup comic Marc Maron has his issues. Who knew his rocky, self-absorbed, empathetic-free past would prepare him so well to be a good listener, someone who shares and draws out stories from Jenny Slate, Robin Williams or Mick Jagger that others haven’t?

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  3. WTF: Marc Maron Gets Real | To the best of our KNOWLEDGE

    Marc Maron has one of the most popular comedy podcasts on iTunes today – it averages 400,000 downloads a week.  Maron’s made a name for himself getting comedians to open up: people like Robin William, Ben Stiller, Sarah Silverman and Louis CK.  Here’s the RAW interview he did with Steve Paulson about his life.

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  4. Episode 420 - Ben Sidran | WTF with Marc Maron

    Marc was not familiar with jazz musician Ben Sidran at first, but after their chat in the garage Marc says this is one of his favorite episodes of WTF. Ben tells Marc about his impressive career, with major chapters involving Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones, Steve Miller Band and some of the most legendary jazz artists in history. Ben and Marc also find kinship over their shared feelings about self-discovery, the need for acceptance and being addicted to creativity.


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  5. WTF with Marc Maron Podcast - Episode 336 - Todd Solondz

    Filmmaker Todd Solondz is used to challenging his audiences. Marc can relate. The two of them talk about the struggle to maintain a career outside of the mainstream and why Todd considers his movies like Happiness and Welcome to the Dollhouse to be comedies. Plus, Todd reveals what movie he most hopes his films resemble. This episode is sponsored by Shari’s Berries. Use the offer code WTF to get a great deal for the holidays.

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