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  1. In the field of folk music, Alan Lomax is a giant — if a flawed and controversial one | Public Radio International

    Alan Lomax is celebrated for incredible recordings that serve as touchstones for the field of folk music. But he is not universally praised — with some critics saying his methods, and even his collections, reinforced a segregated South and highlight offensively stereotypical aspects of African American culture.

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  2. Toni Morrison on Racial Integration | To the best of our KNOWLEDGE

    Nobel Laureate Toni Morrison tells Jim Fleming that while her childhood in Ohio was dramatically different from her parents’ experiences in the segregated South, racial integration had the unintended effect of magnifying class differences among African Americans.

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  3. The Sterling Truth: For Most Blacks, It’s Life on the Plantation | Progressive Radio Network, 04/29/14

    National Basketball Association Commissioner Adam Silver is expected to announce today what sanctions, if any, he will impose against Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling, who purportedly was heard on a recorded conversation with his girlfriend making racist statements about African Americans.

    Leid Stories discusses the situation—but from an entirely different point of view.

    The circumstances, elements and nature of the released tape were sure to ignite what has become for media a delicious furor. But the centuries-old narrative of plantation life, literal and figurative, in the United States is hardly what they would have us discuss and examine.

    So, naturally, that’s exactly what the focus of our discussion is today.

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