Presentación de libro “ETA. Terror y terrorismo” coodinado por R. Leonisio, F. Molina y D. Muro

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  1. March 2nd: Our Relationship with Animals and Not Necessarily the News

    Well, we love some of them as pets, but use others for food. Author Erica Ritter says that’s just one of the paradoxes in our relationship with animals. Host Jane Hawtin of CBC Toronto’s Metro Morning spoke with Ritter about her new book on this very subject. After that interview, hear Not Necessarily the News from CBC North’s The Trailbreaker. In it, Peter Skinner asks a panel of newshounds to pick the fake news story from the real.

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  2. Us and Them. Anna Krien on the Importance of Animals

    For the first time in history, humans sit unchallenged at the top of the food chain. As we encroach on the wild and a vast wave of extinctions gathers force, how has our relationship with animals changed? In her dazzling new Quarterly Essay (Us and Them: On the Importance of Animals), Anna Krien investigates the world we have made and the complexity of the choices we face. From pets to the live cattle trade, from apex predators to scientific experiments, Krien shows how we should – and do – treat our fellow creatures. Here she discusses her essay with Nick Feik. March 2012


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  3. WNYC - Radiolab - Animal Minds

    When we gaze into the eyes of our beloved pets, can we ever really know what they’re thinking? Is it naive to assume they might be experiencing something close to the emotions we feel? Or, on the contrary, is it ridiculous to assume that they AREN’T feeling anything back? In this hour of Radiolab, we explore what science can say about what goes on in the minds of animals.

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  4. CBC Spark 275: Smart beds, public light therapy, connected pets and more - Home | Spark with Nora Young | CBC Radio

    A smart bed to help you sleep better, putting light therapy in public spaces, new ways to get rid of waste and raise crops in the city, connecting your pet to the internet, and designing technologies in co-operation with animals.

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