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  1. Poetry Reading and Conversation with National Poet Laureate Billy Collins


    Wednesday, November 30, 2016

    Poetry Reading and Conversation with National Poet Laureate Billy Collins

    Wednesday, November 2

    Former U.S. Poet Laureate Billy Collins read from his new book of poems and engaged in a conversation with Princeton Seminary President M. Craig Barnes about the nature of poetry, the task of writing, and connections between poetry and faith.


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  2. Eat, Shrink, Love

    In Lori Lansens’ new novel, The Wife’s Tale, she puts the reader inside the head - and body - of a woman who has spent her life carrying around a lot of extra weight and emotional baggage. When the woman’s husband walks out after 25 years of marriage, his disappearance lightens her load and she begins to transform. Host Shelagh Rogers spoke with Lori Lansens about the book on a recent episode of The Next Chapter.


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  3. Listen to Ben Rogers on Pascal's Pensées


    Blaise Pascal’s Pensées is renowned as a great book. Yet few philosophers know much more about it than that it contains Pascal’s famous ‘Wager’ in which he purports to demonstrate that a rational agnostic should gamble on God’s existence. Here Ben Rogers explains the context in which the book was written and outlines its key themes.

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  4. Poetry’s Not Dead, And Here Are Books To Help Appreciate It : NPR

    Our poetry reviewer, Tess Taylor, received a stack of books over the course of this year to help encourage reading poetry. She began reading skeptically, but grew to love two of them: Why Poetry by Matthew Zapruder and A Little Book on Form by Robert Hass.


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  5. Heaney Poetry Lectures

    Seamus Heaney “in conversation” with Michael Laskey, fellow poet and co-founder of the Aldeburgh Poetry Festival. This is an edited version of an interview recorded live at the Poetry Prom 2010 organised by The Poetry Trust. Enjoy more podcasts on The Poetry Channel

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  6. Remembering Mister Rogers : NPR

    Fred Rogers, the host of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, dies of cancer at the age of 74. Rogers hosted the popular children’s program on public television for more than 30 years. Esquire magazine writer-at-large Tom Junod profiled Fred Rogers in 1998, and they remained in touch since. Junod joins guest host Lynn Neary for a discussion about Rogers’ life.


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