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Huffduffed (1783)

  1. Etes-vous sapiosexuel ? Ou comment l’informatique nous incite à tout nommer

    durée : 00:05:09 - La vie numérique - par : Xavier de la Porte - Un trait d’époque.

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  2. What It’s Like To Live In A Small, Rural, Politically Divided Town : NPR

    Politics in Haines, Alaska — population 2,500 — has grown intensely bitter lately, reflecting the volume and heat of national politics.

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  3. The Day Dylan Got It Right : NPR

    "Like a Rolling Stone" is a classic today, but it flummoxed a young Bob Dylan in the studio. Newly released outtakes reveal where the song started and how it dramatically transformed.

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  4. Bob Dylan: A Conversation : NPR

    Bob Dylan says that being labeled the voice of his generation actually got in the way of what he really wanted to do: write songs and play them. Hear his interview with NPR’s Steve Inskeep.

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  5. 06 | Handedness - Dear Science - ABC Radio National (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

    Left. Right. Left. Right. Left. Alice and Bernie tackle ‘the kettle’ and other home-wrecking problems.

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  6. Tendencias - Arden las redes - 23/05/17, Tendencias - A la Carta

    Tendencias - Arden las redes - 23/05/17, Tendencias

    online, completo y gratis en A la Carta. Todos los programas de Tendencias online en A la Carta

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  7. Le matin des noirs : portrait d’Archie Shepp

    durée : 00:59:06 - Une histoire particulière, un récit documentaire - Archie Shepp, légende vivante du jazz ! L’un des derniers grands saxophonistes.

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  8. El planeador - 23/05/2017

    Todos los martes de 20 a 21 horas

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  9. Journalism Is Deadly In Mexico : NPR

    Respected Mexican journalist Javier Valdez was murdered this week. NPR’s Scott Simon talks with Mexican journalist Javier Garza about the dangers of reporting on gang violence in Mexico.

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  10. Robert Moog, Inventor of the Music Synthesizer : NPR

    Karen Grigsby Bates remembers musical innovator Robert Moog, who died recently of a brain tumor at the age of 71. His signature creation, the Moog Synthesizer, transformed electronic currents into sounds that could be almost infinitely modified, sparking a revolution in how music is created.

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