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  1. WCA #009 with Andrew Scheps

    how does he do it ?October 30, 2015 by improfrank from GermanyMatt Boudreau is a self-employed professional audio engineer and producer. One of the themes in his a-many interviews with other pros, from up-and-coming to legends, is : it’s tough to make a living of it. Still, there’s a new episode most every week. For that alone he deserves kudos. Plus, the non-bulls%&t, no-fancy atmosphere.

    Not too instructional (there’s tons of how-to on youtube and other podcasts aiming at that), rather tales and experiences from real life careers in audio. Noteworthy and entertaining.

    Sidenote: I wish some of the phone interviews are ok soundwise, but on some of the episodes where the guests are being interviewed via skype, the sound isn’t better but sometimes worse! Careful when listening on earbuds. We got to watch our ears, you know.

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  2. Andrew Scheps 1 hour interview, everything from mixing to recording


    Russell Cottier met with mix legend Andrew Scheps at Monnow Valley Studios to talk about Andrew’s unique mixing approaches, recording, studios and so much more. This epic conversation runs 1 hour 13 minutes so you really will need to get your drinks ready as this is a very interesting and in-depth feature. Visit for 500 more producer and studio features.

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