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  1. History of the American Revolution: 4-The Police Start a War

    England is paranoid that the colonies will become independent. After the French and Indian war more troops are sent to occupy old forts. They tell the Americans that the new troops are to protect against Indians, but they are actually there for intimidation. The new an improved policing army manages to stir up a war with the local Indians. It all seems expensive, but not to worry parliament levies a tax on the colonies to pay for the escapade. (

    Podcast highlight for Episode 123 of Forgotten Classics (

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  2. The Secret Scientists, Part Two

    In part two Dr Jackie Stedall and Professor Ian Stewart tell us the story of Al-Khwarismi, the mathematician who introduced the world to the radical system of Hindu numerals - the numbers zero to nine - and how the word algebra comes from the Arabic title of one of his books.

    In his book he revolutionised maths by focussing on the relationships between numbers rather than simply using maths to find the answer to particular problems. For mathematicians today, this was a vital development in our understanding. Another legacy was his name which gives us the modern word algorithm, a process that lies at the heart of how all computers work.

    Professor Nader el-Bizri tells also of the great Ibn al-Haytham, who first realised how it is that vision works.

    His work with light and optics was so revolutionary that he could be seen as the father of physics, rivaling Isaac Newton for the title.

    Perhaps more importantly, he was also the instigator of what we now call the scientific method. Some people have thought that such a precise approach to scientific study began in Europe, hundreds of years later.

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