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  1. Ep 3: YOU GET A CAR! — Making Oprah — Overcast

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  2. Free Agents #34: I Think I Just Got Fired, with Marco Arment - Relay FM

    App developer, podcaster, analyst, and secret entrepreneur Marco Arment joins us to discuss his journey from college to Tumblr, building Instapaper, getting quit-fired, setting out on his own, and working in bursts of productivity.

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  3. Query #10: Poor Little Side Button - Relay FM

    Live from Cupertino, Serenity calls in to answer the biggest questions from Apple’s iPhone X keynote.

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  4. Connected #159: Badman Ears - Relay FM

    A day after Apple’s event, the boys come up for air long enough to talk about the most recent firmware leak, the dedication of Steve Jobs Theatre, the iPhone 8 — of course — the iPhone X.

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  5. The First White President - The Atlantic - Ta-Nehisi Coates

    Donald Trump’s presidency is predicated nearly entirely on the negation of a black president. and the constituencies he has activated are not going away.

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  6. Wild Ones Live - 99% Invisible

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  7. Members Only #28: Cortex/Upgrade: Spooky Manor - Relay FM

    With Jason Snell resuming his role as the Snell-O-Tron, have Grey and Myke learned enough to safely make their way through… SPOOOOOOKY MAAAANNNOOORRRR?!

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  8. Members Only #10: Reconcilable Differences: Jack of All Trades - Relay FM

    For this special, members-only episode, John and Merlin are joined by their friend and frequent show topic, John Roderick.

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  9. Members Only #25: Reconcilable Differences: Peak Idiot - Relay FM

    For this special, members-only episode, John and Merlin are joined by their friends, Alex Cox and Max Temkin.

    (Recorded on Friday, August 11, 2017.)

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  10. Upgrade #156: The Silly Season - Relay FM

    Special guest Merlin Mann joins Jason to talk about Apple event rumors, why we care about Apple kremlinology, our approaches to keeping and deleting files in our digital libraries, and Jason’s recent 11-day road trip to the total eclipse.

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