Unjustly Maligned | “The Matrix Reloaded” with Filip Selldén (Episode 74)

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  1. Down In Front - Reloaded

    Teague, Brian, Dorkman, Jake The Matrix: Reloaded is more than a movie, it’s a study of what not to do with your sequel. Stand-up comic Jake Lloyd joins, and disagrees.

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  2. DC Legacy Filmcast Episode 4: Superman: The Movie (1978)

    Possibly the most important and influential superhero film of all time, Superman: The Movie (1978) defined what a comic book movie was. Christopher Reeve became Superman for a whole generation and made us believe a man could fly. Our very special guest for this episode is Dan Jurgens, one of the definitive Superman writer/artists of the 90’s. Dan is the man who killed Superman in 1992 and who is still shepherding the character through a rebirth of sorts in the pages of Action Comics. Dan Jurgens was a college student when he saw Superman on the big screen for the first time and he talks about how the film influenced not only his career but many writers and artists at DC.


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  3. THE MATRIX Trilogy Recap

    With The Matrix: Resurrections just around the corner, watch this video for a full recap of the original trilogy (including The Matrix, The Matrix: Reloaded, and The Matrix: Revolutions). I’ve also tried to simplify some of the more confusing aspects of the trilogy, including the Architect’s speech in Reloaded. So, if you need a refresher on any particular moments, use the chapter markers in the description to jump ahead!

    Intro 0:00

    THE MATRIX 0:21 Trinity Evades the Police 0:46 Mr. Anderson Wakes Up 4:06 What is the Matrix? 6:13 Neo’s Training Begins 8:30 First Encounter with a Sentinel 8:57 Cypher, the Traitor 9:28 Neo’s First Meeting with the Oracle 10:47 Déjà Vu: Neo’s First Encounter with Agents 12:05 Cypher Kills 12:44 Agent Smith Interrogates Morpheus 13:26 Neo and Trinity Stage a Rescue Mission (or “Guns, Lots of Guns") 15:38 Neo vs Agent Smith 17:23 Neo’s Message to the Machines

    THE MATRIX: Reloaded 17:49 Neo’s Nightmare 18:11 News of Zion’s Impending Annihilation 20:54 Zion Parties 21:39 Agent Smith Escapes the Matrix 22:16 Neo’s Second Meeting with the Oracle 24:04 Neo vs Agent Smith(s) 24:38 Niobe Volunteers to Help Find the Nebachadnezzer 25:09 Meeting the Merovingian 26:13 Rescuing the Keymaker (or the Freeway Fight) 27:48 Mission to Find the Source 29:49 Neo Meets the Architect: The…

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  4. It All Comes Back To Superman Episode 2 – Superman Movie Mix Tape

    It All Comes Back To Superman Episode 2 – Superman Movie Mix Tape

    Come with me, my listeners, as we break the bonds of our podcasting confinement and get our mix tape on.  I’ve got my CD’s picked out, a fresh new 220 minute blank cassette and I am seriously ready to hit pause instead of stop so there’s no clicking as you listen.

    That’s right, folks.  It’s time to listen to some Superman movie music.

    And not just any Superman movie music.  As John Cusak said in the movie High Fidelity, “Now the making of a good compilation tape is a very subtle art.”  The easy thing to do would be to just play all of the opening and closing themes to the various Superman movies and be done with it.  But that would be boring and repetitive.  I’m sure I could have gotten some mileage out of comparing the various themes and pointing out how different composers subtly changed the order of the music or what they left out but again that could get really boring, really fast.  More to the point there is more to Superman movie music than the Williams theme and by that I mean there are more themes both for the character and in the various movies as well.

    Plus, the selection needed to be personal.  This is my mix tape so it needs to reflect my sensibilities.

    With that in mind I put together a track list comprising of music from most (but not all) of the theatrical adventures of the Man of Steel.  We start back in the forties with the Fleischer theme, get into the theme to the two Superman serials, add in some Superman vs The Mole Men and then things start getting interesting as I go through the scores of Superman The Movie, Superman II, Superman III, Supergirl, Superman IV: The Quest For Peace, Superman Returns and Man of Steel and pick out the tracks and pieces of music that speak to me the most.  These are the tracks that I go to time and again when I want to hear some Superman music.

    After that I look some of the solicitations of upcoming Superman trade paperback and hardcover collections because I thought it would be fun.  This is followed by YOUR feedback, so there are Facebook comments, comments left here at the site and even an iTunes review!

    Next Time: Just in time for the new season of Supergirl on the CW I’ll be doing a commentary track for the first two episodes of season 2 because they featured some guy named Superman.



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  5. Movie Review: Bryan Singer’s Superman Returns | St. Anne’s Public House

    In an effort to serve the request of our listeners to repost more of our early On Taps, here’s another one from the vault. Christopher Nolan is producing a Zack Snyder directed reboot of Superman called Man of Steel, due out this year. I hope it will be better than Superman Returns, which St. Anne’s reviewed a few years ago. Now for your listening pleasure, here’s our review of Superman Returns.

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  6. #07 – Which Superhero Wins The Hunger Games? (plus Best Schwarzenergger sequel and will the CGI Peanuts movie be any good?) | Popcorn Talk

    Home / Shows / Screen Junkies’ Movie Fights / #07 – Which Superhero Wins The Hunger Games? (plus Best Schwarzenergger sequel and will the CGI Peanuts movie be any good?) #07 – Which Superhero Wins The Hunger Games? (plus Best Schwarzenergger sequel and will the CGI Peanuts movie be any good?) 11 hours ago 0

    Mark Ellis (Schmoes Know), Roger Barr (imockery), and Spencer Gilbert (Writer of Honest Trailers) debate with host Andy Signore (Creator of Honest Trailers and Screen Junkies) over the following Movie Fights for the week of 11/21/14: FIGHT 1: Do the Hunger Games Movies Suck? FIGHT 2: Which major superhero would win the Hunger Games? FIGHT 3: Best Third Installment of a franchise? FIGHT 4: Do we need young Cyclops and Jean Grey in X:Men Apocalypse? FIGHT 5: Dream Arnold Schwarzenegger Sequel? FIGHT 6: Can the CGI Peanuts movie be any good? FIGHT 7: Which Disney Animated film should be made into a live action movie? FIGHT 8: Best ensemble cast in a movie?

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  7. Pappa Filip

    Averaging an IQ of 103, comedians and best friends Filip & Fredrik take an agonizingly prejudiced glance at the wonders of our time. Every Thursday.

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  8. Podcast #6: Superman | Studio Xia

    Podcast #6: Superman [ 50 min 57 s | 34.99 MB ] Play Now | Play in Popup | Download

    Recorded around June 1st.

    Podcast 6 is up! It was sparked by seeing the trailer for Man of Steel. We haven’t seen the actual movie, mind you, just the trailer. We discuss what Superman is all about as a character and what makes a Superman story interesting or (all too commonly) boring.

    Note: We didn’t know it when we recorded this podcast, but the “What if baby Kal-El’s rocket escape pod landed in a communist country?” scenario we described has in fact been done — it’s called “Superman: Red Son”. More about that in a later podcast.

    Time stamps after the jump.

    0:00 – Movie Trailers

    3:00 – Man of Steel: Angsty Superman Jesus

    5:50 – Superman is a dick!

    6:50 – A side rant about the Watchmen movie

    9:20 – Movies are not my favorite storytelling format

    11:30 – “50% punches, 50% pouting!”

    13:30 – The soap opera ness of 60s marvel comics

    15:00 – Superman gets hypnotized into marrying a gorilla!

    15:30 – The Thing gets fed up with Reed Richards

    18:00 – At least manga ends!

    19:20 – Superman as mythological character

    21:30 – Why the tights and cape

    22:20 – Super Muckracker

    25:00 – Defining tropes of Superman myth

    28:00 – Perspective outside of humanity

    29:40 – He’s hard to write well!

    30:15 – Wish fulfillment character

    30:45 – The stupid, stupid ending of Superman 1

    32:00 – It feels wong if this stuff is different

    33:00 – Kryptonite is dumb

    33:50 – Traditional midwestern values

    34:45 – Trying to challenge him physically is pointless

    36:30 – More about Golden Age Superman

    37:20 – What did ma and pa Kent teach him about world issues in 1950?

    38:30 – Superman Is Good, don’t question it

    40:20 – I’m a bad fake nerd

    41:30 – “and the AMERICAN way” What if he had landed in another country?

    43:15 – What makes a good Superman story for you?

    45:00 – Superman vs Osama Bin Laden

    46:00 – Which one is the real person and which one is the mask?

    47:30 – Lex Luthor

    49:30 – The best martial arts stories are the ones you can’t punch your way out of

    50:15 – Why’s he so change averse?


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  9. Lines In The Matrix That Mean More Than You Realize

    The Matrix movies are so packed with meaning that every line seems to carry some deeper significance. In that spirit, we’re looking at some of the most memorable lines from the Matrix films that have more way meaning than anyone realized.

    Neo’s first encounter with his primary adversary, Agent Smith, arrives early in the first Matrix, before Neo’s been clued into everything that’s really going on. It’s part of an interrogation, in which Smith freaks Neo out with a variety of threats, including this seemingly simple statement:

    What the franchise hasn’t yet established is that, even though it sounds like Smith is just playing bad cop, he’s actually quite correct, at least in theory. We learn later in The Matrix Reloaded that Neo’s status as the One is actually a piece of programming. It was implanted in him by the Architect as part of a plan that will allow the Matrix to reboot and preserve the appearance of choice among the human race. At this point in the story, Neo is unknowingly a tool of the Machines and the Matrix, and he won’t figure that out until part two.

    After Neo meets Morpheus and agrees to take the red pill, he awakens in his pod among the human farm and is taken aboard Morpheus’ ship. As he learns the truth while on board the Nebuchadnezzar, he asks why his eyes hurt. The answer Morph…

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  10. Harmontown - death to superman

    Its just Mayor Harmon, Jeff and Spencer and Dan catches you up in World Cup corner and later, Dan improvises his own Superman movie. In D&D, the gang becomes a literal gang and finally loots.

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