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  1. DG Jan Woerner at dradio


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  2. Roboethics

    Working out how to build ethical robots is one of the thorniest challenges in artificial intelligence.

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  3. SR Mediathek

    Anleitung zum Aktivieren von JavaScript

    MICROSOFT WINDOWSInternet Explorer:

    Extras > Internetoptionen > Sicherheit > Stufe anpassen > Punkt Scripting > JavaScript aktivierenFirefox:

    Extras > Einstellungen > inhalt > JavaScript aktivieren


    Einstellungen > Sicherheit > Webinhalt/ JavaScript aktivierenFirefox:

    Einstellungen > Inhalt > JavaScript aktivieren

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  4. The Modern International: A Scalar Politics of Divided Subjectivities

    Der Frankfurter Exzellenzcluster untersucht die Thematik der Herausbildung normativer Ordnungen mit einem speziellen Fokus auf die gegenwärtigen Konflikte um eine „neue Weltordnung“.

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  5. Glenn Greenwald | ACLU of Massachusetts

    Photo by Marilyn Humphries

    Hear Glenn Greenwald’s speech from the 2011 Bill of Rights Dinner

    On Thursday, May 26th, 2011, award-winning columnist and New York Times-bestselling author Glenn Greenwald gave a fiery address to attendees at the ACLU of Massachusetts annual Bill of Rights Dinner. He described how the Obama administration has aggressively defended—and at times expanded—the Bush White House’s attacks on civil liberties, expansion of government surveillance and secrecy, and executive power assertions in the "war on terror." He argues that this continuity between the two major political parties spells long-term trouble for the Bill of Rights in the United States, and suggests that the work of the ACLU is crucial to reestablishing the rule of law.

    Listen to his remarks here (.mp3 audio file, 37 min, 17.1 MB)

    This audio file can be played on any device that supports the MP3 audio format, including iPods and most computers.

    Video series: Questions for Glenn Greenwald

    Please note that by playing clips from YouTube that YouTube and Google will place a long-term cookie on your computer. Please see YouTube’s privacy statement on their website and Google’s privacy statement on theirs to learn more. To view the ACLU of Massachusetts’ privacy statement, click here.

    Shot in six installments, Glenn Greenwald gave these video interviews to the ACLU of Massachusetts on a 2011 trip to Boston:

    Justice for Who?

    Whither DOMA?

    Security vs. Liberty

    Bradley Manning

    Executive Orders

    Why Should I Care?

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  6. WQXR - New York’s Classical Music Radio Station

    WQXR - New York Public Radio

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  7. Is there an Alternative to Ad-Supported Social Networking? - SXSW Interactive 2013

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  8. The Patient Who Let Us Peek Inside A Brain In ‘Present Tense’ : NPR

    For nearly 50 years, neuroscientist Suzanne Corkin worked with Henry Molaison, who lost most of his memory in 1953 after experimental surgery for severe seizures. Their work together taught us much of what we know today about memory, and she writes about Molaison and their work in her new book.

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  9. How to Read the World

    #sxsw #keynotunde

    Politically-active, technology-loving comedian Baratunde Thurston will spark a thought-provoking discussion about the role of technology, comedy and satire in transforming the world around us.

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  10. The Secret Lives Of Links

    #sxsw #LinkLives

    Links are the molecular bonds of our web sites, holding all the pages together. They are the essence of a web site. Yet, what do we really know about them? If you create great links, your users easily find everything they need on your site. If you do a poor job, your users will find your site impossible or frustrating. We never discuss what truly makes a good link good. Until now. Jared will show you the latest thinking behind the art and science of making great links. Join him for this entertaining and amusing look at the secret lives of our site’s links.

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