009: There Is No “Big Time”, There’s Always Something Ahead with Josh Clark – User Defenders Podcast

Josh Clark (“Dr. Touch”) inspires us to not forget to splash in puddles and give ourselves permission to play in our work. He encourages us to not just tell our story, but to find out our users’ story and craft our experience and technology around that. He also shares with us that the things we make are not who we are and to think deeply about what kind of world we want to make…because we’re the ones shaping it.

Josh Clark is a designer specializing in mobile design, strategy and user experience especially as it relates to touch. He’s the founder of the powerful design laboratory Big Medium (formerly Global Moxie). He’s the author of five books including the O’Reilly published Tapworthy and the newly released A Book Apart published “Designing for Touch”. He’s also a prominent blogger and speaker, the creator of the popular Couch to 5K running program, and he happens to be Maine’s 11th strongest man.