The Battle Over Gender Therapy - The New York Times

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  1. NYT Magazine’s Emily Bazelon Discusses Verdict In N.H. Prep School Rape Trial | WBUR

    Emily Bazelon said the jury, which convicted 19-year-old Owen Labrie on three counts of misdemeanor sexual assault on a 15-year-old classmate but acquitted him on felony rape charges, did not come down clearly on either side.

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  2. Episode 9: Emily Bazelon — The OAM Network

    Noura Jackson was freed from prison in 2016 after her murder conviction was overturned because of prosecutorial misconduct. Charged with the murder of her own mother, the sensational nature of Jackson’s case has gained attention from several national media outlets. However, in a new feature in the New York Times Magazine writer Emily Bazelon explores the human side of a reversed murder conviction, the history of prosecutorial misconduct in Shelby County, and its legal and social repercussions.An acclaimed author, scholar, and accomplished podcaster (on a competing network), Emily was kind enough to join us to discuss her latest work. We talked to her about why she became interested in the Jackson case in the first place, why prosecutors are required to hand over evidence, and what she wants Memphians to understand about the Noura Jackson case and her reporting on it.

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  3. The Brian Lehrer Show: Emily Bazelon on Wendy Davis; SCOTUS Impact - WNYC

    After key rulings on gay marriage, voting rights, and affirmative action (not to mention adoption, employee discrimination, and gene patenting) — what will be the lasting legacy of this season’s Supreme Court opinions? Slate’s Emily Bazelon discusses what we’ve learned and how our legal landscape has changed. Plus: why we were so riveted by Texas State Senator Wendy Davis’s all-night filibuster.

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  4. Roman Mars on the Slate Political Gabfest Live in San Francisco

    On this week’s Slate Political Gabfest, recorded live in San Francisco, Emily Bazelon, John Dickerson, David Plotz, and special guest Roman Mars discuss who wins and loses in the latest budget deal, whether Obama can salvage an effective second term, and whether tech millionaires will drive everyone else out of San Francisco.

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  5. What Is Steve Bannon And Jeff Sessions’ Shared Vision For Remaking America? : NPR

    Journalist Emily Bazelon says the relationship between Bannon and Sessions predates the 2016 campaign, and that their anti-immigration policies come from fears of a growing minority population.

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  6. The second presidential debate, Romney’s binders full of women, and Libya on the Gabfest. - Slate Magazine

    On this week’s Slate Political Gabfest, Emily Bazelon, John Dickerson, and David Plotz discuss the town hall brawl, the fight over what happened in Libya, and Mitt Romney’s efforts to win women voters.

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