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  1. Ep 58 | The Fight over Feminism | Guest: Cathy Reisenwitz - Something’s Off with Andrew Heaton -

    Is the patriarchy the Illuminati with gonads? Where is all the anti-maleness and anti-feminism originating? How do we position ourselves in yon slap fight? Cathy Reisenwitz writes at “Sex and the State” and is a columnist at the Bay City Beacon. She joins Heaton to jump into the issue of feminism, sex positivity, and when claiming injustice becomes a competition.!podcast

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  2. Download Who Shaves the Barber? - William Gillis and Ryan Neugebauer: Anarchism | WSB #52 | Podbean

    A primer on anarchism from individualist anarchists William Gillis and Ryan Neugebauer. Anarchism is sometimes assumed to be synonymous with a call for chaos and disorder, a characterization which most of its adherents consider to be quite the opposite of what they strive for. But it is difficult to pin down just what unifies the many strands of anarchism under a single umbrella. In this interview, we discuss some of the central ideas behind most forms of anarchism: power dynamics in relationships, hierarchical vs. ‘horizontal’ organization, freedom as consent vs. freedom as the availability of options, among others. We conclude with a discussion on strategy: just what would bring about the end of the state? Does it require violence against the state? Is the aim of anarchism primarily a cultural shift, or is it something more concrete?

    For more of Ryan Neugebauer’s take on anarchism, see ‘An Evolving Anarchism’.

    For more of William Gillis’s anarchist thought, found on his website Human Iterations, read ‘Your Freedom is My Freedom: The Premise of Anarchism’ and ‘You Are Not the Target Audience’.

    Also discussed:

    Center for Stateless Society (where William Gillis is Coordinating Director)The Seasteading Institute

    Visit for more info!

    Special thanks to Jackie Blum for the podcast art and The Tin Box for the theme music.Click here for the full list of episodes!

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