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  1. The Critical Path #5: HP’s Innovation Antibodies - 5by5

    The Critical Path #5: HP's Innovation Antibodies - 5by5

    My favorite quote from Horace to date:

    "And in fact we are all Renaissance men today. We are able to think in objective ways. We are secular, mostly, and we have a view of the world that’s rational and says that there are causes and effects. We are all like that today. And the problem is that as far as innovation is concerned, there are again [today] one or two of these Renaissance men running around— like Steve Jobs— and we all look to them as saying that they’re somewhat near to magician. But I don’t believe that. I believe that in a few decades, maybe sooner, we’ll all be Steve Jobs."

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  2. 5BY5 | The Critical Path #27: Supernova

    iPads and what we'll hire them to do for us. We talk about how measurements of the market show an unprecedented growth in mobile computing and how that leads to a new context for computing along axes of non-consumption. That could mean that the devices will become powerful enough to allow most people to be creative and reach self-realization.

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