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  1. Facebook Engineering Culture with Raylene Yung - Software Engineering Daily

    Facebook moves fast because of vision, collaboration, and trust. The fast pace of development is enabled by constantly improving infrastructure and a sense of unity throughout the company.  In Facebook’s early days, there was an emphasis on rapidly deploying new code to drive constant improvement and experimentation.  Product quality was maintained by engineers closely checking

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  2. Facebook React with Dan Abramov - Software Engineering Daily

    React is a set of open source tools for building user interfaces. React was open sourced by Facebook, and includes libraries for creating interfaces on the web (ReactJS) and on mobile devices (React Native). React was released during a time when there was not a dominant frontend JavaScript library. Backbone, Angular, and other JavaScript frameworks

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  3. Facebook Engineering with Pete Hunt - Software Engineering Daily

    Facebook engineering is commonly described by two words: move fast. Building products quickly has been a differentiating characteristic of the company since its inception. From the longtime engineers to the summer interns, Facebook instills a sense of immediacy and opportunity in all of its employees. The goal of Facebook is to make the world more

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  4. Facebook Developers with Nick Schrock - Software Engineering Daily

    When Facebook was scaling in its early years, the company developed engineering practices that were unlike any other organization before it. Early Facebook engineering developed unusual practices because the problem set was unusual. Facebook was a highly detailed, highly interactive, multi-user web application. Facebook was pushing the limits of PHP and JavaScript in a time

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  5. Facebook Management with Jocelyn Goldfein - Software Engineering Daily

    Facebook engineering is designed to self-assemble. When an engineer joins Facebook, the engineer goes through boot camp, where they are exposed to multiple projects to find a good fit in terms of technical skills and personal preferences. Since there are so many different initiatives within the company at any given moment, a new hire can

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