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  1. Hans Riemer on MoCo Beer

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  2. iPhone History

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  3. The New Builders Ep. 1: Craft Beer and Progressive Web Apps

    Untappd CTO Greg Avola and IBM Developer Advocate Bradley Holt join The New Builders podcast to chat offline-first dev and progressive HTML5 web apps.

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  4. Tweetbot

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  5. getting things done

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  6. Roderick on the Line vs. THREES

    John Roderick and Merlin Mann’s exclusive interview with Asher Vollmer, creator of the diabolical iOS game, Threes.

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  7. Episode 133: The evolution of MINEX | SecureIDNews

    MINEX is 10-years-old and helping standardize fingerprint templates

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  8. Inquisitive #11: Merlin As A Service - Relay FM

    This week Myke is joined by Merlin Mann. They talk about preparing for changes in life and preparing for podcasts, trying to understand what people enjoy, avoiding analytics and a look back at inbox zero.

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  9. 1: No One Cares & It Doesn’t Matter | Blenderhead

    I discuss why you never have to pay for music ever again, how people don’t realize or care about the amount of data they’re giving up online and what the real cause of our political system being broken.

    In addition, I rant about the common misconception of Facebook’s “like” button, local retailers deserving to go out of business, and why casinos really want you to learn how to count cards. Plus I ask: what happens when we run out of Twitter handles a hundred years from now?

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  10. Episode 27: Military Software

    Both Casey Liss and John have done some development and engineering in a military environment that comes with its own set of unique restrictions and pressures. We explore the good, the bad and the downright annoying aspects but don’t worry, it’s not all bad.

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    HFMOD - Better Late Than Never Classified Information TEMPEST MAC Filtering MAC Addresses The Need To Know

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