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  1. How to Get 150,000 YouTube Subscribers in 1 Year (ft. Thomas Frank) — DIY Video Guy

    One of my favorite parts of being friends with entrepreneurs is seeing how

    far they progress in just a year. 

    In this podcast episode I chat with Thomas Frank, a four-time guest on the

    show, to talk with him about how he has grown his YouTube channel to over

    166,000 subscribers and almost 5,000,000 views by making weekly videos for

    just over a year.

    In this episode we discuss:

    • Why sometimes publishing a low production quality video is more important

    than missing a week

    • How better thumbnails and descriptions lead to your videos ranking higher

    • Why you might not want to send people to your website from YouTube

    • How to collaborate with bigger channels even when you don't have many


    • Whether or not your YouTube videos should have ads on them

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  2. How to Be Better on Camera (ft. Pat Flynn) — DIY Video Guy with Caleb Wojcik

    Chances are, it will take you awhile to be comfortable on camera. Luckily

    there are a lot of ways to speed up that process. 

    From public speaking and podcasting to livestreaming and doing webinars

    there are a lot of ways to get better on camera, be more engaging, and

    deliver to the camera without reading from a script.

    In this podcast episode I chat with Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income about

    how improving his public speaking has made him better and more comfortable

    on camera.

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  3. 8 Reasons Your Videos Aren’t Being Watched (DVG 039) — DIY Video Guy with Caleb Wojcik

    More views. That's what you want, right? More people watching the videos

    you spent all that time to prepare, record, edit, and publish.

    In this podcast episode we discuss why your videos aren't being watched at

    all or why people quit watching them part way through. 

    Whether it has to do with how the video was made, that they aren't

    engaging, or how they're being promoted, this episode will give you eight

    tips to make sure your audience keeps showing up to watch your videos,

    clicks play, and sticks around for the entire thing.

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