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  1. Distraction Pieces Podcast — Richard E Grant

    Welcome, welcome, welcome

    The Distraction Pieces Podcast is a weekly conversation between Scroobius Pip and a wide range of guests, from Simon Pegg to Amanda Palmer, Russell Brand to Gail Porter, James McAvoy to Lauren Laverne, Stewart Lee to Kathy Burke… and even the occasional person you may not have heard of, but has an amazing story to tell.

    Listen free every Wednesday on the Distraction Pieces Network via iTunes, Acast or at

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  2. Distraction Pieces Eddie Marsan

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  3. Distraction Pieces Mark Millar

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  4. Automators #10: Using Zapier Web Automation - Relay FM

    This week David and Rose dive into the popular web automation service Zapier and explain how you can automate your systems via the web.

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  5. The Talk Show ✪: Ep. 234, With Special Guest Merlin Mann

    The Talk Show

    ‘Welcome to Dongletropolis’, With Special Guest Merlin Mann

    Friday, 9 November 2018

    Special guest Merlin Mann returns to the show. Topics include the new iPad Pro and the state of iOS as a work platform, the mid-term election results, and holiday parties of yore.

    Download MP3.

    Sponsored by:

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    Affinity Designer for iPad.

    Matthew Cassinelli — former Workflow/Shortcuts engineer now posting great Shortcuts stuff.

    Cassinelli’s Twitter account.

    Jason Snell’s setup for writing on an iPad.

    Deliveries — great iOS and Mac app for tracking deliveries.

    Reconcilable Differences.

    Do By Friday.

    This episode of The Talk Show was edited by Caleb Sexton.

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  6. Automators #9: Scriptable with Simon Støvring - Relay FM

    In this episode David and Rose get to talk to Simon Støvring, maker of Scriptable an app which allows you to control your iPhone with JavaScript. Simon shares some of the journey he experienced making the app, and what you can actually do with Scriptable.

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  7. Episode 83: Frequently-Used Shortcuts, Part 1 – AppStories

    This week, Federico and John discuss some of their most frequently-used shortcuts for work and their personal lives.

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  8. Joe Gore Interview - Everyone Loves Guitar - Everyone Loves Guitar

    Joe Gore Interview - Everyone Loves Guitar Guitar Podcast @

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  9. Analysis, Parapraxis, Elvis — Revisionist History — Overcast

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  10. 012: Alex Pang – Prioritizing Rest & Reflection - Hurry Slowly

    Writer & futurist Alex Pang on the 4-hour workday, the necessity of “inward focus,” and the role of rest & reflection in the creative process.

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