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  1. The Royal Basement Podcast #3: Chris Murphy of SLOAN — The Royal Basement

    If there is any contemporary band who has turned me on my head in terms of what a pop song can be, it's Sloan. When loud guitars and screamin' dudes were all the rage in the early 90's, the band turned their back on that sound and went back in time, carving their own path by tastefully borrowing from the 60's and 70's while forming their own sound. Comprised of four different songwriters, Sloan is a complex and multi-faceted creature that has spent the last 23 years redefining the classic pop canon, making some absolutely crucial classic recordings in the process. I was lucky enough to get to chat with Chris Murphy about his beginnings, inspiration, songwriting and gear selection process, as well as having him pick out a mini-DJ set for the podcast. Put your ears on a Q&A with Chris Murphy of Sloan.

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  2. Dad Story, Ep. 3 (Podcast): Twins and first-time father Arn Albertini - First Time Father Project

    As fathers, so much of our lives revolve around gradual changes that help us adjust on the fly. For today’s Dad Story subject, there was nothing gradual about his first trip to the delivery room.

    In that instant, Arn Albertini went from being a father of none to a father or twin boys. And while the world at large certainly seems to be welcoming more twins than it used to, such a perception does nothing to prepare the parents of those multiple births.

    For Arn, whose boys are now 7 months old, the transition has been completely …

    Hell, why are you still reading this? Dad Stories is a podcast series. Click play above, and get your listen on.

    As a reminder, if you want to tell your Dad Story, we’d be honored to have it included. Either hit us up on our Facebook page or email us directly. (Please be patient, though. We promise to make every attempt to get to you as quickly as possible, but … you know … this fatherhood thing takes precedence.)

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  3. The Talk Show ✪: Ep. 132, With Guest Marco Arment

    The Talk Show

    ‘Peace, Porn, and Privacy’, With Guest Marco Arment

    Saturday, 3 October 2015

    Marco Arment joins the show for a brief chat on ad blockers, advertising in general, and the new iPhones 6S.

    Download MP3.

    Sponsored by:

    uBar and the Brawer Mirage A4: Use promo code “RETINAGRUBER” and save 50% on a great Mac taskbar utility or 40% on an elegant handmade automatic watch.

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    Igloo: The intranet you’ll actually like.


    Marco on pulling his content blocker, Peace, from the App Store.

    “Underscore” David Smith on the available free space of 16 GB iPhones in actual usage.

    The New York Times measures the real-world benefits of iOS ad-blocking on 50 top news sites.

    Hello Internet.

    Episode 56 of Jason Snell and Myke Hurley’s Upgrade, wherein they discuss just how much of a pain in the ass it is to upgrade to a new iPhone.

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  4. 134: Who Did It Firster?


    Casey, Plex, his Synology, and transcoding

    Don Melton's scripts



    TouchID and "S" iPhones

    iPhone crescent moon

    Safari pinned tabs markup

    W3 mailing list

    Apple September Event

    Apple Watch

    [New watch metals and bands]

    watchOS 2, custom complications, apps, and Overcast

    Is the Apple Watch doomed?

    iPad Pro


    Paper Pencil

    Surface Keyboard Cover

    Wacom Cintiq

    Apple TV


    TV Specs


    Steelseries Nimbus

    Requiring game controllers

    Thomas Was Alone

    The Goodfellas podcast

    Parallax images in the HIG & creation

    iPhones 6S

    3D Touch

    Upgrade Program

    Sapphire lens cover

    Zooming 4K

    Sponsored by:

    Cards Against Humanity: A free party game for horrible people.

    This week's toaster

    Casper: A mattress with just the right sink, just the right bounce, for better nights and brighter days. Use code ATP for $50 off.

    Fracture: Photos printed in vivid color directly on glass. Use code ATP15 for 15% off.

    Also consider:

    Donating to St. Jude Children's Hospital and support friend-of-the-show Stephen Hackett's family and children in need.


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  5. No Guitar Is Safe - Episode 5 — Billy Sheehan

    Bassists aren't usually invited onto No Guitar Is Safe, but in the case of Billy Sheehan, an exception must be made. Why? Because Sheehan's amazing stories of playing with Steve Vai, Paul Gilbert, David Lee Roth, Billy Gibbons, and other rock heroes are priceless, and his playing (which you'll hear throughout the episode) is über-inspiring. Hear Sheehan and guitar ace Richie Kotzen in action on the new Winery Dogs album, Hot Streak, due out this October.


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